Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Treyton

Wow! Hard to believe my baby is 2 already! He is not much of a baby anymore though. Guess that is why at the grocery store the other day Rissa asked if "We can have one of those" when she seen a very cute baby! (: I had someone recently warn/tell me that she had three boys and one girl, opposite of us. She said to have fun with that boy, hers nearly killed her, girls are much easier. So far, I have not found that to be true, but maybe that will change?
On Thursday David and I are looking forward to leaving on a much anticipated, loooong over-do time away. We are not sure where we are going, probably Columbia which is not far away. I said I don't want to go far, just somewhere to chill; no schedule, no responsibility, no kids and no school, just me and my man for three blissful days! I told David that he is NOT allowed to bring along his always ringing work phone, I just might "accidentally" flush it down the toilet! (: Thanks Allen and Jan for being so brave to keep our tribe!!

Treyton's cute "I have an attitude" face. Usually this look goes along with a frustrated "MOMMY"

His cake of course did not look as nice as the picture on internet, but I think he did know what it was supposed to look like.

Daddy wanted to be the gift shopper this time. He got him a ball and a 'FORD' toy truck- {sorry Grandpa Heisey- got to start him out with the right kind!} (~:

I think the car on the ball appealed to him as much as the ball itself!

Grandma and Grandpa Heisey and Aunt Lynette sent him some John Deere toys


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Marissa

Marissa's big special day finally arrived last Thursday. She turned 4 years old. Turning four has made her want to be a "big girl" now, but when she is not in a too happy mood, she informs me that she is still three and not big yet. (:

One of Marissa's biggest challenges is taking pictures. I had quite the ordeal just to get this one! We will not go into detail! (:

The night before her birthday, we went to the park and out carry-out Pizza Hut, her favorite.

Once Treyton is in a swing, you may as well plan on pushing him all night, he loves it!

It amazes me how fast kids can make new friends

The best part of a birthday, gifts!

I feel like her cake this year was an after-thought, but she liked it. Thanks Wal-Mart, all I did was add the toys.

Rissa had fun tearing open her box from Grandpa and Grandma Heisey and Aunt Lynette. The blanket was made by Aunt Lynette.

Another high-light was a date with Daddy. They went to Applebees. The cute, soft teddy came from Grandpa and Grandma Summy.

Treyton finally graduated to a toddler bed. I have been searching high and low for a good deal on a car one. I had sold his crib, stroller and baby car-seat to get this for him, he loves it!

One of Treyton's worst nightmares ever is getting a hair-cut! After the last couple ordeals at a barber where you pay $13 and come away with a choppy, crooked hair-cut, and barbers hoping to never see you again, I said never again. We will do it at home where he can be trained during the battle. It has been warm, and his thick hair makes him hot, so I said off with it. David did a good job at giving him a crew-cut hair-cut. We kept stuffing Trey with cheese curls and jelly beans to keep him happy! (:

You cannot see it good on the picture how it looks. But, I think it is cute and he feels cooler outside now. David thinks that Treyton now looks like my brother Brandon!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What We Have Been Up To

Seems like a long time since I last posted! We have been busy the last while! The first weekend in March found us in Virginia. We had a family auction for David's grandparents things. We did not tell anyone we were coming, so it was fun to surprise David's family! We came home with a whole lot more things than when we left! (:
Rissa has been doing good. She came to me in a panic the other evening cause her nail was sticking straight up in the air! It was not long till it was off, so it now looks better since her nail had been so dark.

Watching a squirrel

"If only my legs were longer"! Excuse the pink sunglasses, he found them. (:

Jenny has really picked up on reading and she enjoys it. I found it fun to watch the 'learning to read' process.

Hungry and anxious for Daddy's yummy pizza

Story-time last week was about birthdays- very fitting for Rissa and Treyton this month!

Rissa is trying to turn over a new leaf since she is "getting bigger" (stopping the nail biting)

We went on a field trip yesterday to a plantation, it was very interesting. The time had gotten changed, and I somehow missed the info, so we missed out on touring with our home-school group. But it worked out, we got our own exclusive tour, and the tour guide showed us things that she didn't show the group! (:

The house was HUGE

The entry-way/ballroom

The bluffs way out are in Georgia

This is a painting that one of the owners looted/stole from a church in Mexico

A bathtub. Someone would pour water over you while you sat on the little seat, the water would flow out the drain hole into a bucket. As the bucket got filled, the water got dumped out the window. Guess there was no such things as a relaxed, private bath those days!

One of the slave houses. This particular plantation had 300 slaves. The houses had two separate living quarters in them, usually up to ten people in each side! The food ration consisted of fatback and cornmeal.

When kids were old enough to work, their job was carrying water to the fields.

A unique tree

Trey's favorite part, lunch!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Spring at Our House

Spring has sprung at our house and with it the sudden desire to purge our house of any unnecessary "stuff". (Goodwill likes me these days, maybe).That has resulted in digging in the back corners of closets, painting closets that we didn't take time to do before-so they still had that awful smoke smell (even after 3 years!). This digging has then resulted in hours spent selling stuff on Ebay and re-organizing and more re-organizing. But I am pleased with the results. I have not done more than think of the spring-cleaning the house part, but that is next on the list!
Along with this spring time, garden work has begun. We planted three very long rows of more than we will EVER use potatoes (see below!), onions, broccoli and cauliflower. I have not gotten my hands on pea seed yet, but that is on the list too. You cannot as readily find regular 'English' peas since the 'Southern' peas are more popular. I like them, but David doesn't. They are more like a bean in my opinion. I had some very willing to get in the dirt helpers.

Marissa is doing well. She very unhappily and quite loudly got her stitches removed on Monday. David did not go along, so I was glad the doc had a nurse help hold her still instead of me. It was more the idea of someone messing with her finger, than actually any pain that caused her reaction.
Here she is nervously waiting for the doc.

If you think her finger looks gross here, you should see it now! Her nail is still on, but since it is not attached, it has turned black. It is either going to fall off, or grow off as her new one pushes out.

Rissa and her so very nice doc that she does really like, Mirsad, (I won't even attempt to spell his last name!)
The banana Rissa is holding was a peace offering gift he gave her from his own lunch after he was done doing stitches. He surprised me when he said he does not have to see us in six weeks as he originally said, but in three months.

I just love seeing my kids get along! It is something I think they don't do enough of! Is that normal??
They like to play "Library Lady". (~: