Monday, January 7, 2013

Our Christmas

Well, Christmas has come and gone already! School is back in session with the intention to stick hard at it so we can be finished the beginning of May, when we plan to make another trip North.
Our Christmas was great! We had our own celebration the Friday night before Christmas, then left for PA on Sunday and were gone a week. We left with sick kids and returned with sick parents, but we had a good time anyway!
The girls were involved in our Homeschool Groups first Christmas Play. They both played sheep. It was a highlight for them. They seriously could not wait for practice each week!

The beginning of December we went to "The Parade of Lights", a Christmas parade in Columbia. It was our first parade and we all enjoyed it
The girls have been wanting American Girl Dolls, they being way more than I ever want to pay for a doll, we got them Targets version, 'Our Generation Dolls'. They were thrilled to say the least!
Treyton's gift ended up being one of those you want to forget about. I searched internet and got him a car transporter truck. Well, to say the least, it was a cheap piece of plastic that I paid way too much for and it actually fell apart in the first couple days, even though he was gentle. Of course the store does not accept returns, but after a letter of complaint, they did refund a tiny bit. /:
Trey was quite excited to have a tractor "like Uncle Brandon's"
My Little Helper
A sight that makes me smile (:
I have to be honest and admit that I don't like to decorate cookies, but the kiddos wait all season long to, so I make it happen. As it turned out, the cookies grew so large as they baked, that some of the shapes were not identifiable, but they had fun anyway and that's all that counts!
A winter project we are tackling, shelling pecans that we bought at the flea market.
The kiddos were hoping for snow while in PA, well they got some, 8 whole inches of it! A couple days before we came back home, I think they realized why Mommy says she doesn't like snow. Even Rissa one evening in her dramatic way listed off reasons of why she longer likes the snow either!

The week before Christmas, two of my brothers had new family members. They were never lacking for anyone to hold them while we were around! Unfortunately, my kiddos had sore throat (the whole time in PA) so they were limited on their baby holding.
Gift time at the Summy's
Patiently waiting for gift time at the Heisey's
Even though gifts are fun and exciting, they don't come close to the joy of being with cousins, Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents!!

Aunt Marcia bought finger paints for the kiddos, they had a blast making their 'creations'

I had to wonder if Aunt Anita ever got tired of saying yes to Jenny's many pleas for her to play a game with her!

Alia is the only cousin on the Summy side the kiddos have. The other cousins live in Honduras and we haven't seen them for soon 2 years. The girls were excited to get to have a video chat over internet with them though.

It seems that Aunt Lynette is never having to look for nieces or nephews to hold!

I must admit that I at times feel sorry for depriving our kids the fun of having cousins and relatives close by. They so enjoy the few visits we make to PA. I also have to admit that I miss seeing my little nieces and nephews growing up! But, I know we are where we are supposed to be, so I need to take comfort in that fact!