Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Glimpse of Whats Been Happening

I figured its high time for another update on how life has been treating us. Well, we are in my favorite time of year. We had our first frost the other morning, so I had to go and winterize some of my plants.
School is going the same. Still just doing 4 days a week which is very nice. About 10 more lessons and we will be half way through our lessons.

A couple weekends ago, Davids cousin and his family from Tennessee were in the area for another family gathering, and they stayed at our house. We all managed to pack in the house somehow! The kiddos really had fun playing together!

Amber and Rissa are my lizard lovers. I feel sorry for the poor lizards always being hunted down so they could be held, very much against their will I might add!

The other Sunday night we decided to have a camp fire for the kiddos. They thought this was the greatest thing!
Waiting for dark so the fun can begin
Daddy's little shadow 'helping' to get sticks ready for the camp fire

Enjoying a hot dog

Treyton thought the fire was the coolest thing! They had fun roasting hot dogs and making smores.

Nick wanted in on the fun too. The girls fed him some cheese curls that he actually liked!

I found the kiddos this neat little bug magnifier. You put a bug inside then you can view it, magnified, from all angles. Well, I wished so bad I had the video camera handy the first time they used the thing. I sent them out with a little container to find an interesting bug. Of all the things to catch, they got a huge, fast, ugly, and mean looking spider. Getting the spider from the container into the viewer proved to be very dramatic to say the least!! In the process of transporting the spider from the container to the viewer, the spider managed to escape! They were trying to accomplish this task on the desk you see pictured. Well, poor Treyton was sitting on the desk seat watching. When the spider escaped, the air was filled with ear piercing screams, the containers went flying, and the spider ended up on the seat with Treyton! All he knew was that the spider that caused such a pandemonium was on him and he could not get out of his seat fast enough and got stuck. I by now decided it was time for me to step in and save the day. To make a long story short, they caught the spider again and had fun viewing it. As sorry as I felt for poor Trey, I could not help but have a good laugh at how the whole thing played out, a little like I kind of expected it to! (~:

Amber and Nick

I think poor Trey needs a brother to help balance him out a little! His sisters are rubbing off on him! He was so proud of this princess get-up!

As a motivator for the school kiddos, they work towards a monthly big reward by keeping their work area neat, sticking to their work and being good. The last reward they earned was an afternoon at Monkey Joe's. A place with indoor inflatables to jump and slide on. Their Daddy surprised them by taking the afternoon off work and going along too!