Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Our Summer so Far

I must start by apologizing to the poor regular visitors who daily check for new pictures and have been disappointed for so long now. So, here are a few pictures I managed to scratch together. As awful as it sounds, I just have not found reason to grab the camera. The end of May I had a one track mind, get school finished. I thought life would slow down after that, it did in some ways, but sped up in others! We are also still in the decision mode of deciding what to do for school next year!?
Since I don't have many pictures, I will fill up space with a story of something I experienced the other Sunday. It was a scary thing that I think scared 10 years off the beating life of my heart,, well not quite that bad. Treyton had a fever, so I had stayed home from church with him. I heard a knock on the door, I looked out a window and saw no car, so I figured a neighbor must have walked over. Now, I had the inner house door open, and the outer door is full length glass, so as I got to the door, I noticed it was our drug-dealing neighbor on the porch. I figured he was probably here to ask to borrow our lawn mower again. As I went to open the door, I realized he had a large rifle in his hand and slung up over his shoulder. I must say here that it scared me that bad that my heart literally hurt! I knew he had already seen me, so I had no choice but to open the door. I told myself that maybe he was here to warn us that one of his 14 pitt-bulls had gotten loose or something. Well, what he really wanted was to tell me that he had been in the woods behind our house and had come across and shot a rattle snake that was as fat as his arm is round. Now, he is a skinny guy, but that would have been one very large snake! He said he already carried it away to his house, but he wanted to tell me cause he had seen kid toys at that spot in the woods, so he wanted to warn me. I gratefully thanked him for letting me know and he went on his merry way. I must say now that I hope when he seen what I am sure was an obvious look of terror on my face that he learned that a black guy, especially with his well know reputation, just doesn't go and stand on a white ladies front porch with a gun in his hands!!!
After he left and I could think a little more clearly, I was wishing I would have had enough nerve to say,"Well, I guess it was a good thing you just so happened to have a gun with you when you seen the snake, and you were behind our house, why? when you live a good walking distance up the road. And really you could have left your gun at home after you took the snake there and before you came to my door!" I guess I should have asked if I could come up and see the snake, because I have a feeling there really was not one. Just the week before this happened, another neighbor came by and she mentioned that everyone is pretty sure he is growing drugs in the woods. We now wonder if he seen kid toys near his plants and wanted to scare the kids away from his precious, expensive crop? Whatever the case may be, the woods are now off limits whether there are snakes or drugs!
In my mind that likes to get a little crazy sometimes, I am hoping he had not caught wind that some of the neighbors have been trying to get me to join their cause of getting this guy in trouble so he has to leave our little area here, so he wanted to put fear in us. I had not agreed to help them simply because he had never done anything to us and I did not want to get him mad at us and then he would seek revenge. But that is hopefully just a crazy thought/fear.

Hooray! No more school!!!!!
(yes, that is my weed patch, I mean garden in the background. With all the rain, the weeds got way ahead of me, I gave up! To the right of the corn is where what is left of my green beans, the deer did eat both rows in 2 nights time!)
I have a little tale about our cat. A couple weeks ago he completely disappeared. I came to the conclusion that a hawk must have gotten him. We had very tearful bedtime prayers for quite awhile. A week after he left, we were going around to some of the neighbors giving away some of our too many potatoes, and here was our cat on a neighbors porch, almost within sight of our house! So we got him back. The neighbor man said the cat has been "bawling" on his porch the last week. He claimed he would throw it something to eat once in awhile. It must have been a small roach or something cause the cat was half starved and dehydrated, but at least he had not shot it or something!

Rissa had her 6 month follow-up on her thumb this past week. She was all clear! Praise the Lord! They are going to keep checking her every 4 months for the next year just in case. They said they want to do this since there had been cells present when they did the biopsy. Her nail is almost completely grown in now. It is ever so slightly deformed, the doc said that will be her permanent scar.

The shirt says it all- I could not resist this one when I seen it! (~:

We had our first very small picking of sweet corn, something the kiddos have been impatiently waiting for!

I must say here that we are having the nicest Summer weather ever since we moved here! It is not humid like normal, and it is not too hot. We are actually getting enough rain that we don't have to water every two days like normal summers!
I told the kiddos that once they finished the school year, I would dig out their pool, they have been loving that! This is Trey's first year to swim and he thinks it is great!

I am sure the coloring book companies love us! I got them a new one the other week, I think they had them all colored in less than a week later!

Treyton spotted that Daddy was home from work! Trey's favorite part of the day!