Saturday, September 29, 2012

Life for the Last Month or So

I guess you discovered by now that doing this blog has become low on my list of things to do! Plus, I figured you would get tired of me always putting on school pictures since that is about all life consists of, so anymore you will need to be patient with me till I have time and enough pictures to post, sorry!

Fall has come in the South, my favorite time of year! We still get 90* weather, but it is not humid, so it actually feels good! I have managed to get my Fall cleaning done, including renting a carpet shampooer, it was a slightly unhandy one that caused me to scrub my carpets for 7 hours straight, and my house is small. They do look cleaner and since my muscles feel normal again, I can say it was worth the effort!

Treyton loves his 'pet' Alligator
Treyton found out the hard way that Fire Ants don't like him standing on their house! Those little critters may be small, but they sure have a nasty bite!

Rissa is tracing Treyton with chalk. I was surprised he actually stayed still long enough to let her!

I thought this was cute; and yes, the flowers were for me! (~:

Rissa loves to do school work, when I actually get to it. She is the type who expects perfection, so her first day she kept a tissue handy for the tears that were shed when she ''can't do it right''!                                                                                I guess now is a good time to add a school update. Well, it is going. Somewhere between the time of being newly married 9.5 years ago and adding four kids to the family, I lost the ability to handle stress!!?? I am not sure where during that time that ability fled, but it did. So, I struggle with handling everything, but, I manage! /~:
Here is Jenny very patiently cutting fresh beans for me. I am actually getting some garden goods again. My green beans have started producing, being my favorite fresh veggie, I am thankful for that! I have never had tomatoes last this long either. Once I dumped Epsom Salt on them, they grew taller than me!

I tried my hand at making Salsa with my tomatoes and peppers, it actually turned out good! I also had some 'been in the freezer too long' fruit that I turned into jelly... It was a simple recipe that only used fruit, jello and sugar. Simple and good!

Storytime at the library is going again. There usually is only one or two other kids, so we are the majority!

Amber thought she is getting too old for pre-school storytime, so she was glad to be used as a helper.

A couple weeks ago, David had the fun of going with a group of guys to an Atlanta Braves game in Atlanta. We 'left behind' Mommy's met at the park to let the kiddos play together and help pass the evening!