Monday, August 30, 2010

Enjoying Summer

I think that time is going even faster with our busy school schedule! I cannot believe that fall is soon here already! We have been having cooler weather, it has only been getting in the lower 90's and is actually getting down in the 60's at night! The girls were asking for coats this morning!
Last night we surprised the kids and took them to a park that we had heard about in a small town. It was nice and the kids had a blast!

Treyton's first swing ride!

Rissa loved the slides!

First slide I have been on in awhile! (:

There were bikes to ride

They had two big play structures, Rissa spent all her time climbing them.

Amber and Jenny spent their time in these cute little houses, there was three different ones

Rissa, a Thomas the Train fan, thought this was great!

Treyton cuddled down for a nap

Amber still loves school!

Jenny and Rissa have gotten closer since Amber is away

Treyton loves mashed potatoes!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


We have been busy getting used to our new school schedule. I think we are adjusting better than I hoped. I was not sure how it was going to go having four little kids up, dressed, fed and ready to go out the door by 7:45, but it is going well. I feel busy having a constant schedule to keep, so that we are ready to go out the door again at 2:30.

This picture was taken of us at church for a church poster. ( it was bright out and the girls had their eyes shut)

All clean!

Daddy's helper

I think Treyton has officially out-grown his bassinet. Today I finally managed to find a corner to put his crib in and put Rissa in a toddler bed. The joys of a tiny house!!

Amber loves school. She actually had to cry Friday night knowing she did not have school the next morning! She always comes home exhausted!

I think Jenny is getting used to not having her best friend around!

Peaceful sleep

Rissa plays alone more now that Amber is away!

You have never heard such screeching when Daddy gets them going!

For those of you with daughters, here is a book I recommend. (if you don't want to pay $15-25, check your library, that is where I found mine). I plan next to read the "Bringing up boys".

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Amber's First Day of School

Today we began a new phase in life. Amber started school today. She is in first grade and is attending our church school. She had been looking forward to this day with a lot of excitement!! I have not been as excited as her, since it means her gone, and a total of two hours of driving to school everyday. But seeing her learn and have fun makes it worth it.

Jenny had a hard time letting Amber at school, she had to shed a few tears when we left.

Checking out Amber's school desk

Amber and her teacher Mrs. Mast

Amber with her teacher and classmates

Friday, August 13, 2010

Our PA Trip

I am sure some of you are wondering where we have been!! We took a vacation to Pa! We were gone July 31st through August 9th. We had a great but busy time! David and I managed to squeeze two dates in while we had babysitters. We were looking forward to that for a LONG time! I think it is the climate change, as always, we came home with sick kids. Treyton and Rissa especially. Treyton is already on an antibiotic for an ear infection and I fear Rissa will be next. Thanks to everyone who made our trip memorable and for making sure we never went hungry! It is always fun to be with family and we are thankful for all of them!

We started our trip by spending the weekend at a cabin with David's family in the beautiful mountains of Virginia!

The Kiddos had a blast being together again!

Our families had not seen Treyton since he was four weeks old (he is five months now), so he got lots of attention! I don't think he minded! (:
Here he is being loved by Aunt Anita.
She willingly gave us her house to use during our stay- Thanks!!

Everyone would get quite carried away in this game!

Aunt Anita took some of the kiddos for a walk, their legs got tired, so Aunt Mance helped to bring them back.

The weather was beautiful, so we ate all our meals on the spacious porch.

A major project that we did with David's family while in Pa was corn. I wish I had a picture of the pile before we started. We froze 72+ quarts!

Taking a break with Grandpa Summy. The kiddos love to get rides on Grandpa's 4 wheeler!

Even Rissa helped for awhile!

After we were finished and everything and everyone was cleaned up, we went out for soft ice cream. That was a treat for our girls (and us) since we don't have ice cream places here!

One hot afternoon, Aunt Mance set up a water-slide for the kids. They had a blast!

We spent one day in Lancaster to do some visiting. My Parents and Sister went too.
We visited "Grandma" Edna Stoltzfus who used to live here in SC. doing prison ministry, till her husband "Grandpa" Steve passed away from cancer.

The girls enjoyed seeing "Cocoa" again too!

We also visited my Grandparents. They got to meet Treyton for the first time. If I remember correctly, he is 24 of their 26 great-grandchildren.

Singing with Great-Grandma.

Chillin' with Grandpa Heisey

Another day we went to visit my brother Parke and his family. They live in Lock Haven PA. We had fun!

Rissa, not so sure about the new farm surroundings!

Unlike Rissa, Amber and Jenny had a blast in the barn!

I think Rissa enjoys plastic cows better! (:

We were going to miss cousin Trista's first birthday, so we gave her a gift early.

Now that Trista is walking, her and Rissa had fun playing together!


Cousins with Grandpa and Grandma