Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving/Jenny's Birthday

I thought I probably need to re-introduce ourselves since it has been so long since I posted. I tried to think of a big, fancy, logical sounding excuse, but decided not to bother. (: I will just put it this way, for those of you readers who either home-school, or who have at one time, you understand!(: I feel like I am just never caught up on what I want to get done, add feeling like we always have something going on/going away, sick kids, and I quickly feel out of sorts! I recently was dumping my "woes" on a friend who has home-schooled for many years, and I found out that I am not as abnormal as I thought! She encouraged me to look at the future results of putting so much time and effort into our kids, if we are not willing to lay aside our work and own desires that will always be here, to take that extra time to put our best effort into our children, that we will not always have home with us, then maybe we need a priority check! That extra time we have because of them not leaving each day, is also why we have some days that seem so stressful and nerve-wracking! [And I thought my hair was falling out from dieting!!] ):
Three weeks ago found us making a very quick trip to Virginia to attend the funeral of David's Grandpa, who was also his last living grandparent. His Grandpa was a special, Godly man who will be missed!
This past week marked our third year of living here in South Carolina, oh where does the time go!?
We are also looking forward to having family for the first time ever for Thanksgiving! David's family is coming on Wednesday, and staying till Sunday. Thanks to some church friends letting us borrow their camper, we will be able to sleep everyone here! We will have a very full, little house, but we are looking forward to them coming!

Any activity involving water, and I will have all the little helpers I need!

Treyton loves to be outside! I also like to see him and Rissa playing together. She more often likes to play alone, but will entertain Treyton at times.

Last week we got invited to go along with our church school on a field trip. They had extra room, so they invited the church home-schoolers to go along. I took Amber and Jenny. We had the Yacht for ourselves, and we got a 2 hour ride on Lake Murray in Columbia. ( the man on the dock was the Captain)

Amber had fun spending time with her last year school teacher and school/church friends.

I invited Jenny's best friend, Summer to go with us.

Part of the ride was a history lesson about the lake, it was made in 1938-39.

It was a beautiful day for a boat ride!

Treyton LOVES books, Amber does too!

The other night I had the camera outside with me, so I took the opportunity to take a couple snap-shots of my Handsome little man who is growing up way too fast! In the last couple weeks, he has gotten rid of his pacifier, started talking quite a bit, and had his first sit on the potty. (that only lasted a couple seconds, cause he was severely un-impressed!)

Yes, he does know how to smile! I just hope he sits this nice for our family pictures!

Amber and Jenny were at a sleep-over the other night, so I convinced David to actually go grocery shopping with me! David could not believe how many times we were stopped by people who went on about how cute and adorable Treyton is! [I think it make him quite proud!]

Watching class singing

We all love our very friendly dog!

Jenny has been learning about the first Thanksgiving, she made this for art class.

Jennifer had her 6th birthday this past week. She was surprised when Daddy came home at lunch to take her on a date to Hardees!

She also picked Pizza Hut for supper. It was family night, so the kiddos all ate free!

Treyton thought the chocolate pudding was better than the pizza

Jenny got a much needed new bike for her gift. No more flat tires or popped chains for her!

Grandma Heisey sent Lincoln Logs for Jenny's gift.

Treyton loves to play with his farm things. One of his new words is "tractor". (don't worry Grandpa, I think that they are all green ones!)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall is Here

I suddenly remembered this morning that I have a blog I am supposed to be keeping updated! Well, not quite that bad! You are probably thinking that I should have lots of pictures to put on; sorry to disappoint you, but no. Aside from school, not much has happened, so there is only a few pictures.
School is going good. Some days are better than others, depending on Treyton's attitude, but that has improved too.
Fall, my favorite time of year, has come in the South. It has gotten quite chilly! It was 80* last week, now the day warms up to maybe 60*, so it feels cold!

Foxy, never wanting to miss out on the action, went along on our walk. He actually sat nice in the wagon the whole time!

Jenny wanted me to take a picture of her paper for the blog. She enjoys Handwriting class, and is doing a good job!

Another future helper!

Last Saturday, David and I took a much needed day away, without any kids! We spent the day shopping in Augusta. I took him up on his offer of some new clothes since mine were getting so baggy. It was a fun day away, the shrimp at Red Lobster was yummy and we came back with less money, but feeling refreshed!
One of the things we did was go to the Flea Market, something we both enjoy! You never know what bargain you might find. This little car was one of them! Who could pass it up for $12?

Last Thursday my Mom's cousin invited the kids and I to come for the day. She had her daughters and daughter-in-laws, and grand-kids there too. It was a fun day and the kids had fun making new friends.
They live on a dairy farm. When Rissa saw all the cows on our way in the lane, she thought she was at Grandma's house! They were harvesting too, and Treyton thought that was very exciting. I have to be completely honest and say that it made sad to realize how far removed from that type of lifestyle my kids are.[I know what you are thinking Grandpa, if we had not moved your grand-kids so far away, they would be near a farm! (: ] I think a farm is one of the best places to raise a family, getting to work together, kids learn more responsibility, and Daddy instead of being 30 minutes away for at least 12 hours a day, is usually pretty close-by. But I guess we will have to be content adopting other peoples cows for now! (:

They had a fun tree swing that went really high