Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sad Days, Fun Days and Exciting Things

Seems that life has been busy with normal, abnormal, unplanned and unexpected activities recently. I guess I will let the pictures do the explaining their more interesting anyway! (~:

The sad an unexpected was the sudden death of my sweet Grandmother last Friday. The unplanned sudden trip to PA to prepare for, kept my thoughts at bay until we got there and I saw her for the first time since our visit in July. Lots of memories came flooding my mind and I have to say I only have good memories of her. She is going to be greatly missed by ALL of us and many others!
All but 2 of my cousins on my Moms side of the family
Some of the 36 great-grandchildren

We experienced some real PA winter weather with ice and snow
Some belated Christmas presents from Grandma Heisey made for a second Christmas

I fear some day when we move and have room we will be required to get some horses!
When the kids heard snow was in the forecast, I hoped for their sake it came because words would not describe how disappointed they would have been after 3 or 4 YEARS of waiting! I knew school was definitely off for the day! The lack of snow suits and boots make for wet cold kiddos pretty quick! At one point I found them out in flip flops cause they were out of dry shoes!

They were quite proud of their snow "Midget" as my brother called it

The kiddos enjoyed ice skating with our homeschool group

Well for the exciting, this is "Poppy" our very much anticipated baby expected to come sometime around July 28! The name Poppy was given because that's how big baby was when we found out I was pregnant. (~: We told the kiddos at Christmas and they literally screamed with excitement! They've been praying for this baby (actually for twins) for a year! I was anxious to tell them cause I was so sick and since they didn't know why, they were quite concerned. After 5-6 VERY LONG weeks of feeling beyond gross, I think I'm past that part and can actually function again!