Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Our Thanksgiving and More

Life has been so busy and eventful the last while, where do I start? The Holiday season started out a little on the wrong foot when the doctor ordered me to the couch to try and prevent a miscarriage that was threatening to happen. With Thanksgiving less than two weeks away, that was hard to do, but I did it anyway. I was couch bound for a week, but I did go ahead and miscarry. It was a first for me and was disappointing, especially for the kids. Their bed time prayers consisted of asking God to take care of our baby and to please send us another one. Since we are hoping to move this summer if all works out, I said they might have to wait awhile.
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a houseful of family. David's family came for 4 days. We had a great time together!
I have been finding it hard to get into the Christmas Spirit this year. Not sure if it is because of all the events that go with it when I find going away unhandy with schooling, or maybe its the 75* weather (although snow and cold is anything but appealing), or perhaps its thinking of all the cookies and candy that will be a temptation to me. Whatever the reason, I am going through the Season motions and started mixing batches of cookie dough today.  This year we had the kiddos draw names for giving gifts to each other. They think this is the most fun thing and keep begging to go Christmas shopping. As our kids get older, we are finding it fun to start our own Christmas traditions to hopefully make fond memories for them. (:

David's family (all except his brother and family in Honduras)
David's family all came the night before Thanksgiving. About 10 minutes after they got here, our front door came bursting open and in ran his sister Amanda, from Honduras, yelling surprise! Some of David's siblings flew her here as a surprise to us and David's parents. It was a great surprise. Treyton didn't remember her from the last time we had seen her a year ago, but he eventually warmed up to her.

Jennifer had a birthday November 15. She turned seven. We had a little belated celebration for her while everyone was here.

Treyton enjoyed being Grandpa's buddy. No, that is not snow on the picture. We had a campfire and it is ash. Although it did feel cold enough for snow.

Everyone had fun together. Here they are playing "Andy Over" around the camper. (we borrowed the camper for more bed space)
There seemed to be an endless supply of food around. This is our Thanksgiving feast.

Guess what is going on here?! They are retrieving our Thanksgiving turkey! David's brother wanted to try a 'turkey in a hole' for something different. The thing roasted in a hole in the ground over night.

The prize turkey! It was very good!

The kiddos never got tired of the endless supply of attention. They went through a few days of withdraw after everyone left!
We did squeeze some work in among the fun and did my applesauce.

Jenny's birthday was a week before Thanksgiving. We had a little party for her with some of her friends. [the cake is a princess crown, in case you were trying to figure it out(:  ]

Gift time

She wanted a pinata at her party.

Game time was fun
They even got David in on the games!

And as always, the best part of a birthday is a date with Daddy to the place of their choice!