Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spring Fever

I only realized how long it has been since I last posted, when I was getting my pictures together and seen from how long ago they were from!
I think Treyton is finally becoming himself again. He has been happy the last couple days, and his ears are not draining as much anymore. He has taken one step a couple times now! Maybe he will walk till his birthday next month?
We all went to the flea market on Saturday to sell our accumulated things we wanted to get rid of. It was a good day to sell, and we only brought back an 1/8 of what we took.
I cannot help but brag to those of you who were getting some more of that dreaded white stuff yesterday. (: We have had in the high 70's the last couple days! It has been so nice out, which has us itching to plant a small garden, seed the lawn, maybe landscape; the list goes on and on. It seems there is always some project needing done. (: I know, y'all will remind me of our "beautiful weather'' when it is 100* out!

David was working late the other night, so we took supper to the shop and ate with him.

The other Sunday evening, we took the kiddos to the park. Treyton had his first swing ride, which he very much enjoyed! ( I tried to put a video of it on the blog, but it would not work, sorry).

Last week was girls only day of school. They wore their PJ's, ate snacks and watched a movie. I wish school had been that fun when I went!

I could not help but wonder if I could sit like that to read a book, I knew that answer before I wondered too long! (:

Best Buds!

I do not like putting pictures of myself on the blog, but I was given strict orders! I had not gone to church the day before Valentines Day, so I was surprised when David and the girls came home with these!
We were home for Valentines Evening. I made some of David's favorite food. The girls put candles on the table and turned the lights off, but we turned them back on to eat, David thought he could see his food better. (:

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Doing Alright

The last week was another busy one. Treyton did get tubes put in both his ears early Thursday morning. Thankfully everything went good. Since he needed to be their at 6am, David stayed home with the girls and I took him by myself. That made me a little nervous, but it worked out okay. (: Unfortunately he has not been happy since. He is fighting a cold and I think he has some discomfort from the tubes, last night I ended up sleeping with him on the recliner. I guess we will see how the tubes work!

Treyton finally will hold his bottle when he needs to.

My little helpers.

Amber had clash day at school yesterday. I think it went against her grain a little to not match cause she did not want to do it. (:

More snow??!!

Ready for church

Enjoying the warm sunshine, they wanted to eat their lunch outside.

Amber getting her school Valentines ready for Monday.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Busy Fun

I cannot believe how fast the weeks keep going by! The past week was another busy one, so that does not help the speed of a week!
Jenny ended up at the doctor with a double ear infection. Treyton goes to the specialist tomorrow about his ears, I am anxious to see what they have to say.

Treyton found out that he really enjoys looking at books, even if it is Dora the Explorer books. (:

Rissa is a busy little lady, so she crashes pretty quick at nap time.

Helping Daddy get ready for spring lawn planting.

Treyton was not sure about some new faces when we babysat for some friends. They were quite taken with him though! (:

Last Friday we helped with the school field trip to the ice skating rink. Amber thought it was fun that her whole class rode in her van.

It was Amber's first time on the ice. I was impressed at how well she did catch on!

Amber and her good friend Avery.

Even David had fun! (:

Practicing the walking concept.

Today was "Bad hair day" at school. This was Amber's new look!~

Amber's class had chapel today. They did a cute little skit where she was the momma bird with three baby birds.