Monday, January 24, 2011

Okay, where is spring?

Well, I think I (along with the kiddos) have cabin fever! It has been a long winter! I am not sure how I used to be able to stand the Northern winters that are tons colder and sooo long. I think spring is around the corner as we have had a couple days of 60*.
I think the sickness that keeps going around has not helped any. Treyton was back yet again to the doc last week when I could tell his antibiotic was not working to help the ear infection. So his medication was changed again and he is scheduled to go to the ear specialist the beginning of February to see about tubes. Jenny is now battling an ear ache that started yesterday.
I took my turn at having a bad sinus cold, so I do not have many pictures to post this time around, sorry!

Treyton is now 10 months old. He looks older with his mouth full of growing teeth. He has started letting go of things and standing alone for short times now. I hope he will soon start walking so he can entertain himself a little more. The picture below is how he often is when I am in the kitchen tripping around him. (: He has begging eyes of wanting to be picked up!

The girls were very excited about getting "new" bunk-beds. I am going to miss the queen bed that was in their room when we get company, but guests will now have the privilege of staying in the master bed and bath instead.(: It did help make lots more room in their room, plus we could take down the toddler bed. The joys of a small house with 4 growing kids!

Rissa and Jenny's way of getting away from Treyton, he likes to "mess-up" their toys.

The girls were more than excited when Daddy brought home their belated Christmas present, the play house he built for them!

Setting up

Jenny likes to help Treyton to walk

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Time

Life has been a little hectic the last week. Treyton has a double ear infection on top of his croup, so he has not been the happiest. I think he is finally getting over it. If he gets another ear infection, or this one does not clear up, he has to go to an ear specialist.
We were surprised with three inches of snow and a layer of ice on top of that Sunday and Monday. Amber had her first two snow days of school being called off. With this area being so unequipped for this type if weather, everything pretty much shuts down, stores and even McDonalds did not open, and the mail did not deliver! I was told today that there is not any snow-plows, so they mounted scrapers on the front of big dump trucks to scrape the roads.

The girls played in the snow even thought it was sleeting.

Treyton's sisters think that they have to empty his whole toy basket before he can play.

Treyton's first cheese curl. (:

Rissa made lunch for her baby-doll.

Treyton loves when Daddy gets down to play with him. He made his Daddy proud by saying Dada the first time this week!

Amber's Lego project.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas in PA

We had a great time with our families in PA! The time as always goes by too quickly!! We headed home a little earlier than planned due to sick kiddos.
David and I very much enjoyed our two days away in Lancaster, it was a refreshing time! Thanks to both of our families for doing a wonderful job of babysitting, I could relax knowing they were in your care. I must admit that I was not sure I was ready to come back and get back into the pressures and demands of Mommyhood. But when we walked through the door and were met by four kids who were so glad to see us and were full of hugs; and Rissa tightly throws her little arms around my neck and says, "Mommy I MISSED you, I LOOOOVE you"! , I was glad I had come back! (:
Even though our house had been paint-balled while we were gone, it was good to be home again! Thanks everyone for the fun visit! Jenny is already asking when we are going to Grandma's again! (:

The girls had fun decorating cookies a couple days before we left for PA

There was three new girl cousins to meet in PA!
Amber with Kelly

Rissa with Tirzah

Jenny with Kassidy

Playing with biscuit dough

"Sailing" in Grandma's coffee table

Treyton and Grandpa.

Treyton tasting what was in his sock from Grandma (:

Gift time at Grandpa and Grandma Summy's.
Finally checking out what goodies Grandpa and Grandma had in their socks

Gift time at Grandpa and Grandma Heisey's

Cousin Trista had fun with Treyton and Rissa

Snack time!

Rissa had lots of fun playing with Trista!

Uncle Parke introducing Treyton to Grandpa's dog, Pepper. I think Treyton was not so sure about meeting his first dog, but he did eventually warm up to him.

Cousins and friends

I had to put this picture in as a warning, hawks don't always fly away from you when you are driving towards them! (: