Saturday, February 23, 2013

Valentines Day and More

 Where has the time gone? Christmas was the last pictures I posted?! Sorry for failing you who faithfully check for updates!
Not much worth taking time for pictures or blogging has taken place, but I will try to show a little.
Life has consisted of...



more school...(Rissa has become quite proud of the fact that she is learning to read her letter blends now)
and waiting for our house to sell. A very slow process. I am preparing myself to be homeschooling once again next year cause I don't quite see us having sold, built and moved till next fall.
Treyton saw this book at the library and just had to bring it home to see "Uncle Brandon's tractors"!

Jennifer lost her not her first tooth, but a first top front one.

Rissa sat like this for a long time talking to Nick, I wonder what she was telling him?
Treyton's reward for becoming a 'big boy' and being completely potty trained.

A highlight every other week is story time at the library. The kiddos love to be 'helpers'.

To get us in the Valentines Day spirit, I made these brownies. Just use a heart cookie cutter, remove the piece and fill with colored icing. Treyton looks so proud here cause he was insistent it was his birthday.
Valentines party at the library.

We had our Valentines supper at home. The girls had blast setting the table fancy, eating by candlelight, and drinking home-made sparkling grape juice. They decorated the cookies on each plate too. We grilled shrimp, pork ribs and pork chops. I know, not very healthy, but Valentines Day is only once a year!