Sunday, January 31, 2010

An Update

Yes, we are still here! I have been neglecting posting lately! As usual, life is busy.
I was having pre-term labor on Wednesday and Thursday. Thursday night at 11, it was bad enough I figured I should go to the hospital. We decided it would be easier if I took myself so David could stay with the girls. So, I went. They sent me home two hours later, with instructions to spend as much time on the couch as possible ( yeah right! ) and to do no lifting. The baby is very low which is causing things to happen. It is impossible to be on the couch, but I can tell when it is time to take a little break there. I hope I don't battle this the next seven weeks. I feel very tired, an ache always, so it will be a long seven weeks! But I am not complaining, Cosmo will be worth it!!!

Rissa enjoying a popsicle

A library project

Amber entertaining the neighbors horses

Aunt Anita has a birthday on the 31st. The girls wanted to sing her a song, here is the video of their song. Happy Birthday Nitz!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I apologize it has been so long since I posted! It seems that I have not had the chance to catch my breath since we got back from Pa, so the camera was on the shelf for awhile.
It seems to go from one thing to the next! It started with ear infections for Jenny and Rissa, to the stomach flu the next day. We all took our turn last Friday- Sunday! David and I managed to wait our turn till Sunday when the girls were pretty much over it. I dare say it was the worst we ever battled!! It took us all a week to feel normal again.
It has also been the time for break-downs! From a flat van tire, to a dead refrigerator, then the dryer decided to join the refrigerator! So the girls and I have been drying laundry at the laundry mat the last week. Oh well, so life goes!
I was worried about "Cosmo" while I was sick,, but it is obvious that he is growing well! I now go to the doctor every other week, which makes me feel I am getting to the end! I have 8 1/2 weeks left! The girls and I have been having fun getting supplies for him!

The girls have been like caged animals waiting for warm weather! Thankfully, it has come!

Rissa "stirring" my cake batter

I find it amazing how different each child can be. Jenny is the one who will patiently work on something to get it finished. It shows in the pictures she colors and the puzzles she will pour over. I am anxious to start school work with her next fall, I can tell she will sit nice and patiently learn.

Rissa coloring her first picture

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Home again

We had a great time in Pa! As always, the time passed to quickly and we were once again heading South. The weather was freezing in Pa, but we were surprised how cold it had gotten here while we were gone!

The girls were desperately hoping for snow while in Pa, and they were not disappointed! A snowman was on the agenda of things to get done. Thanks to Uncle Brandon, it happened. After they were finished, Amber insisted it needed a hat so it could come alive like Frosty the Snowman did!

We spent Christmas Day with David's family.
The kids enjoyed finding little surprises in their Christmas stockings from Grandma Summy

Even "Cosmo" got one!

My family had Christmas the following Monday

Matching John Deere sweatshirts from Mom

The cousins exchanged gifts- from Travis

A gift for Rissa from Trista

Amber's gift from Daryl

Fun with Family