Sunday, August 17, 2014

An Update on Us

So much has happened since I last posted which was sooo long ago! I started to do Facebook instead because its a lot easier, so I am sorry for those of you who follow the Blog and have been waiting for baby pictures!

Chloe Brielle Summy was born July 21st. She weighed 7lb 13 oz and was 19.5 inches. She is a good baby and I have lots of help and babysitters!
Ready to head home from the hospital.

1 week old

Dressed for first Sunday

We made a quick trip to PA when Cloe was 3 weeks old. She got to meet her cousin Caleb, he was born day after her.
Miss Chloe will be a month old already tomorrow! We cannot imagine life without her!
July 4 Amber turned 10!
Birthday date with Daddy

We have three weeks of school in. Amber is in 5th, Jennifer in 3rd and Marissa is in 1st.

In June we took a family vacation to Greenville SC. We had a fun time away!
Rissa had fun driving go karts on our vacation

We also went to a childrens museum where they had hands on activities for kids

In May the girls participated in our home school group end of the year program. Rissa read a story,

Amber did an oral report on our State bird, Carolina Wren,

and Jennifer did an oral report on Safety Rules
The garden did good this year. I managed to have it all finished till Chloe came,

Thanks to the help of my Honey we got my pizza sauce and tomato juice done a week or so before Chloe was born, then my garden was officially done!!

Monday, April 28, 2014

The Last Almost Three Months

Wow! I was embarrassed when I seen it has been almost two months since I posted! I can't think of all thats happened since the last post, so here are the highlights. We had two birthdays, a trip to PA and a family weekend away. The garden has been planted and is mostly all up now. The most exciting is that we only have two days of school left!!

A couple weeks ago we went with our homeschool group to a childrens museum. This two story statue 'Eddy', the kids could climb inside exploring his insides.

All the exhibits were hands-on and lots of fun for kiddos

Most of our homeschool group
March 15th Marissa turned 6 years old!

It was her first time having a birthday party

March 22nd found Treyton turning 4! His birthday could not come fast enough!

He doesnt look very excited, does he?! (~:
One evening we went bowling with some good friends of ours. Treyton and Rissa didn't remember going before and had a blast.

David has been VERY busy and not home much. Especially since spring has come. One weekend the kiddos and I went to meet him in his delivery area and we spent the weekend catching up on some family time. The highlight for the kiddos was going to the zoo

They really can be sweet at times! I found this on my counter one afternoon. It says, " Dear Mommy, You make are day special. And you light our day with love".

Easter weekend found us in PA. It had been August since we were there last, so it was good to visit. Davids dad and brother tackled replacing the porch on his parents house.

Marissa loved feeding the calf!

The girls got to help with porch project clean-up.

Rissa enjoyed entertaining cousin Carter. It made her even more anxious for Poppy's arrival.

Marissa and Treyton enjoyed getting a long tractor ride with Grandpa Heisey

One night we went to a tractor pull to watch my little brother pull with his new tractor. Unfortunately it was dark till he pulled so I couldnt get a picture.

The Heisey cousins

Once in awhile David gets a shed thats 14 feet wide so we make a family day of it while I escort for him.

For those of you who haven't heard yet, our little Poppy is a girl!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

When the Lights Went Out and Visitors

It has been an interesting last couple weeks! When I heard "ice storm" I figured 'just another Southern over-reaction to winter weather'. But alas, this time I was very wrong! The ice started coming Tuesday night as predicted, and it was at that point I knew we were doomed! I got up at 4 am on Wednesday to do some quick baking, hoping to beat the power going out. Till Wednesday morn the ice was thick. Every time the lights would blink off, we'd hold our breath to see if this would be the time they didn't come back on. At 2 pm Wednesday they did go off,  for exactly 6 loong days! The first night we had no heat and it was cold! Our pastor had an extra kerosene heater that they lent us, so that helped the rest of the time! Friday night we went to some friends who had power again to shower, my that was a good feeling!! Saturday night some other friends who got power restored, gave us their generator to use. That helped a lot cause we could then use some lights and had running water which meant showers and fresh water! I learned why I was not born in the pioneer days, I'm NOT cut out for that type of roughing it! I never realized how much I took for granted flipping on a light switch, having heat, being able to cook when I want, take a shower or even flush a toilet! I'm sure I will still complain at how much the electric bill is each month, but probably not for a long time!

Compared to some people, we did not have much clean-up work after the storm.

These birds were trying to find shelter on top of the wind chimes. There had been 3 on top

Heating up lunch

My bird feeders were very busy during the ice

Our 'refrigerator'
We had filled our tub with water to flush the toilets. We then collected spouting water to refill the tub

This past weekend my brother Parke and his family came for a quick visit. We all had a good visit, especially the kiddos!

They had rented a nice mustang to come in. We all enjoyed taking a turn getting a ride!

Treyton especially loved the car! He keeps saying when he gets big he wants a fast car like that!