Friday, October 14, 2011

Weekend at the Resort

Last weekend we were at a camp-out with our church. We had a fun weekend! David was insistent that we were going make "wonderful family memories" and do the whole tenting thing. After much begging and pleading, (not quite that bad), I finally convinced him that I did not think that a tent and us would get along very well, so we stayed in a lodge room at the resort instead. After seeing what some of the tenting Moms had to deal with, I was very glad we did not do it! But, David warned me that next year, I have no choice! (:

The kiddos played hard all weekend! Rissa with her friend Hailey

Jenny had fun riding everyone's bikes

Jenny and best friend Summer, and friend Logan

Amber and best friend Avery

Catching bubbles with a shovel

Saturday morning, we were in charge of the 3-5 year olds for an hour. We did a Bible story, treasure hunt, craft and pinata.

The kids had fun beating the thing!

Rissa more tapped it. (:

Once it fell, they resorted to poking it!

The older kids had a scavenger hunt

Treyton enjoyed trucking all over the place

Our lodge room was right at the lake.

This was the best $5 I have spent in awhile! Rissa finally has a bike that fits her, and she loves it!
And yes, for those who have noticed, Rissa got a hair-cut. More like, she gave herself a hair-cut and I attempted to fix it!! (:

Sometimes for a smoother time of schooling, I will take drastic measures!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Field Trip

Today we had our first field trip with our home-school group. We went to the local newspaper and to the fire department. It was fun and interesting!

The fire chief gave all the kids a 'fireman's hat'

Treyton was very interested in the big trucks!

I could not resist a picture of this editors desk, how anyone could work with such a mess is beyond me!

The girls were glad to see their friend Isaac who they have not seen for awhile

I was disappointed that we could not go into the actual printing area, we had to look through the doorway

This is most of the group, there was a couple families missing

Treyton on the big $1,000,000 truck

The kids got to climb through the truck

Jenny left Rissa help to color her Social Studies paper

This is Treyton on the average day

I got these Mosaic art projects at the craft store, they had a blast making them

Rissa actually stuck to her project till she completed it, about 1-1/2 hours

My little helper!