Thursday, August 23, 2012

Life is Busy but Good

I don't have many pictures this time, with school I sort of forget about the camera.
School is still going good, thankfully. Jenny told me the other day that she decided that she likes homeschooling cause she likes the schedule and she wants to get smarter than anybody else. I guess if that is what it takes to motivate her, I will use it!!
I haven't done much school work with Rissa yet, but hope to soon hit the books with her too.

Jenny came in a panic the other night cause her tooth fell out. She has been waiting very long for that to happen, but with her personality, it was very dramatic! (~:

The other day I informed David that we needed a family day. He had been home once for supper all week and I overheard one of the girls saying that "they forget what Daddy looks like"! Working two jobs keeps him away too much sometimes! )~:
He agreed, so we decided to stay close to home and go be a tourist in Augusta GA and visit the Savannah River.
We walked the board-walk, and came across a small playground.

The high-light was riding the tour boat. The tour guide was packed full of information, both history and recent. It was very interesting. He was also nice and left the kiddos go for free!
The mansions you see in the background are actually homes. The owners rent their houses out to Celebrities the week of the Masters Golf Tournament for $25,000 for the week!
I must confess that I for awhile thought that a house like one of these would be nice. Customized swimming pools, lots of room, including master bedrooms that are a whole top story of the house, and even an elevator in most of them. But then I thought of all the cleaning and the mortgage payment of $6,000 a month (yes for real), I decided I will keep my humble little home!

Trey thought the boat ride was fun. He has this thing about alligators, so I was disappointed that we could not see the small spot along the river that sports 25 alligators!

It was also 'kids get to drive the boat day', Amber didn't want to, but the others thought it was fun

I promise this is the last thing about these houses. This particular house is one of four that belongs to the man who owns the largest chain of jewelry stores in the state of SC. He built this one for one reason alone, to host parties.

Me and my babies

I have never known a cat like this one is! He actually hugs the girls, seriously, but I am amazed at what he willingly allows them to do to him!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ready or Not

Well, that time of year has started once again, school time. David left it up to me what we would do as far as school. Both options had so many good and bad points that I couldn't decide, so I told him to decide and I would do whatever. He chose Homeschool. So, we are going to attempt another year. I decided to try someones suggestion of starting early, then doing four day weeks. So I am going to try that. If the rest of the 174 days go as good as the first six, maybe it won't be too bad!!??
Two weeks ago I suddenly came down with strep throat. I hoped that no one else would get it, but Amber started last night. I guess it is slow in getting around to each culprit. Hopefully it will stop there!!

Checking out their new school books, they each have quite a stack!

Jenny's favorite class, phonics and reading, she thought her reading books are too easy!

One fun thing with Homeschooling is, you can do it wherever you want!

Rissa is doing some skills and pre-school work

Summer programs at the library were a highlight for the kiddos. This one is always their favorite.

They thought the baby alligator was neat

For kiddos last week before we started school, I planned several different fun surprise activities for them.
One was having their best friends over for the day. They were busy all day, one thing they enjoyed doing was going to the neighbors and feeding his horses carrots. I think they about fed a bag full. We all went out to McDonalds for supper too.

One evening we went to a new park in town.

Another surprise for them was taking them to a jumping center in Augusta. Trey was not sure about it, but the rest had a blast!

Treyton's new set of wheels

This cute pair of frogs are regular visitors at our porch-light in the evening.

Trey wanted to ''help Daddy'' put together a new book-shelf for our school books

The other week our church had a "Missionary Awareness'' meal where you honored a missionary with food from that country. We did David's brother and his family and also his sister who are in Honduras. David wanted to do the cake himself, he was quite proud of how it turned out! (~: