Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Busy, Busy

I am sure you are tired of looking at my last pictures by now! I have been so busy the last while, that the camera stayed in the cabinet.
I finally got the garden planted, pretty much finished spring cleaning and am wrapping up some landscape projects, (with David's help of course).
We are down to a little over a month of school left, it is so encouraging to see some light at the end of the tunnel! I am hoping to start school in July this year when it is so hot and the kiddos want to stay inside anyway, then we can finish early and have some time off in fall when the weather is cooler.

Easter Sunday. We spent Easter with some other families who don't have families around either.

Our biggest spring project, putting a retaining wall around the front of the house. Treyton was Daddy's helper.

We got a load of dirt for some of our projects. I must admit here that I was away when the load came, and when I got home and found all four kids in the dirt pile, I was not impressed. All I could think of was the cleaning up part! But, I decided to let them have fun and worry about the dirty part later. I forgot to take a picture of them when they were done, I think it was the dirtiest my kids have EVER been cause they played on the pile all day. It ended up being a good babysitter while David and I worked! (~:

This is what happened at supper after his day of playing in the dirt! (~:

Amber got to help David with one of his projects while I finished planting the garden, making a walk-way between the deck and garage.

The front flower bed and wall completed, I think it turned out very nice, now the fun part- getting to pick what to plant in it!

I think Treyton has caught up to Rissa in size, I know he has passed her in weight!

Our garden is finally planted. We had some un-expected cold weather and got a couple frosts, but I think everything survived.
We have potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, sugar peas, lettuce, onions, red beets, corn, green beans, watermelon, cucumbers, cantaloupe, tomatoes, peppers and my favorite lima beans, (I think David thought they were a waste of space (:

We went and picked 8 gallons of strawberries one afternoon. Amber helped good, but Jenny thought she was melting in the heat, so she kept Treyton happy for me.

I think we are good to go on strawberry jelly for awhile!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Our Mini-Honeymoon

Well, we are back after a very nice time away that as expected came to an end much too soon! We actually instead of Columbia, went to Greenville SC. It is the mountainous part of the state. After becoming used to sand and flat, it was nice to see some mountains!
The kiddos had a great time at Allen and Jan's house and are actually wondering when they can go again!
We had rain every day, so that kept us from too much sight-seeing. Which was fine too. On Saturday we did another favorite thing of going to flea markets.

We had a very nice motel that I had never heard of, but would use again- Drury Inn. It was very nice and actually had free breakfast AND supper buffet that had good food, so we took advantage of that and only ate out once at our all time favorite- TGI Friday.

David's work phone unfortunately did have to come along. I did threaten to flush it, but he, as promised shut it off at lunch time on Friday after he had his drivers set for the day.

Our first day, we went to give one of David's old friends, Steve, a surprise visit at the barn shop he works at.
After that, we went to see some sights. I came very close to getting car sick on the cow path roads we were on, but it was worth it.
We went to a waterfall. We hiked in the drizzling rain to see it and were glad we did, it was pretty.
This was a very odd tree we seen on the hike.

Twin Falls- a 70 foot high falls

The other place we went was Sassafras Mountain. It is the highest point in South Carolina at 3,200 ft. altitude. On a clear day,(which is wasn't) you can see North Carolina ,Georgia and Tennessee.

Treyton was excited to come home and find a birthday box in the mail from Grandpa,Grandma and Aunt Anita Summy