Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Loving Life

I do not have many pictures this week. It has been a busy one. Last night we took the rare opportunity to sit on our deck and enjoy the cool night air, so I managed to take some pictures then.
We had 5 nights of revival meetings last week. Plus I had to make food for the fellowship meal, two sheet cakes for the Easter supper for the prison, and hot lunch at school on Tuesday. Tomorrow night I am going to a couponing seminar to learn how to be a thrifty shopper. I am looking forward to a bit of a more relaxed rest of the week, Amber has off school from today till next Tuesday! Yea!

The girls wanted a tea party. It was fun till the bees and ants invaded their party. (:

The other day, Jenny asked me to take the training wheels off her bike. I was hesitant at the idea and told her that once they are off I am not putting them back on. I guess she wanted to prove to me that she could do what I expected to be a disaster, after a couple of falls that she amazingly took without tears, she had it!! I was impressed, I guess I needed more confidence! (:

After a rough start with the whole reading thing, Amber has really been doing well with it and actually enjoys reading!

Treyton has a new thing about phones, especially cell phones. Here he is texting his girlfriend. (:

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Enjoying Life

I know, it has been long since I updated! I am counting down the days till the school schedule is OVER! Levi, ( who I car pull with) is going to be trying for his license in two weeks, so then he will do all the driving! I cannot wait!
I think Summer is on its way, we hit 90* a couple times last week!

Treyton has finally gotten the idea that walking is more fun, and faster!

The young married couples at church got together the other Sunday night for a cook-out.

Treyton thought it was fun to "chat" with Savannah.

Amber and her best friend Avery. Unfortunately for Rissa, she does not have any girls her age.

Jenny and her best friend Summer

The other night, we finally got new windows installed! I now have windows that open, and that keep the wind, heat, cold, and dust out.

Treyton's new thing is feeding himself. If he cannot do it himself, he refuses to eat!

Amber had Field Day at school last Friday. The kiddos had fun watching the school kids do different competitions. Jenny thought it was too hot to be outside, but she survived. (:

Sack Race

High Jump

Amber with her classmates and teacher

Waiting to do the long jump

Treyton had fun too!

Last Saturday we were at the shop, David needed me to help do some painting again.
Daddies little Helper/Buddy