Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rissa Learning to Walk

Bet ya'll would never dream of tilling your garden in January!

Hi everyone,
We are back and I am trying to get Colette to keep this updated, we'll see what happens. I have some pics. and videos I would like to post as soon as I get a chance.
We had an awesome weekend at the crusade in Columbia this year. I had about 22 guys in the prison where I was in charge. We played ball and got our butts whooped, but the inmates loved it. The singing groups in our prison for the weekend were Messengers, The Miller Family, The Mullet's, and the Coblentz Family.
I am still pursuing the garage but am waiting on the bank. Must be we are in the south because it sure takes long enough. I was hoping I could get some brotherly help before they get busy in the gazebo shop, we'll see what happens.
Chad's are coming this weekend and I guess I will put Chad to work and do a few projects that I have been putting off, like a clothes line and a little shack over the well tank.

Later, Dave