Monday, June 29, 2009

Surprise from Aunt Lynette

The girls were surprised Friday morning when they woke up to find Aunt Lynette here! (she had hitched a ride with a friend who was going to Georgia).
We had a lot of fun with her! Unfortunately I did not use my camera but one time?!
On Saturday, we took her to the beach in Charleston SC.
Sunday evening we hosted the youth for supper at church.
Lynette left Monday and took Amber and Jenny back to PA with her. I am not sure what we will do without them! The rest of us plan to go to PA on Wednesday, till the following Monday! So, there will not be any publishing on here till next week. We are all anxious to go to PA, it has been awhile since we have seen everyone!

I entered the girls in our local library summer reading program. Once we read 20 books, they got to choose a free book, and got a certificate

Rissa eating her first ear of sweet corn

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

David is a wonderful Father to our girls and I thank God for blessing me with him!

We did not do anything special for the day, just what David wanted, a lazy day at home.

Jenny was pretty proud when she finally accomplished getting up here by herself

The girls enjoy this water sprinkler octopus when it is so hot (Jenny was not impressed of it at the time, and was keeping her distance) (:

I mentioned before about our neighbors wondering about us, well after this clip, I am sure you will too! Trust me, I don't normally allow this, but I knew it was not too dirty, and it was kind of funny!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Tribute to my Girls

I heard this convicting song on a Mother's Day show. Sometimes in the busyness of life, it is easy to forget what the important things are.
I decided to try something new, making a movie to share the song with you. Enjoy

Monday, June 15, 2009

We are back

We FINALLY have a computer again!
Summer has arrived! We have had more than one day to reach 100*, thankfully our air conditioning has also gotten repaired. Our peas are over and we are now enjoying green beans and potatoes! The tomatoes are hanging full, but are not red yet.
I have been saving quite a few pictures to publish, so enjoy!

We have given up wandering what our neighbors think of us! (:
The girls were holding a concert using sweeper pipes as microphones

Rissa loves her baby!

My Chefs

I guess they do learn from watching

Any flower buffs who can tell me what this is? It is a vine growing around our fence

Learning how to play ball, I think Amber will be our ball player

Meeting the neighbors horses across the road from us

David never lacks for anything to do on Saturday's

Each of the girls has their own temperament,this pretty well displays both of theirs! (:

Rissa has been attempting to learn to feed herself

We took the girls to the town park the other Sunday evening

Getting ready to go to a concert.
For an early Father's Day gift, we surprised David with tickets to a local Southern Gospel concert. We all enjoyed his favorite music.