Monday, December 30, 2013

Our Thanksgiving and Christmas

I Hope y'all had a good Christmas! We did although it was a different one. We stayed home this Christmas. We did really miss seeing family at Christmas, but we did have a nice day here. I was struck this year with what a blessing family is, I think it came from being far away from dear family, but what a blessing my own little family right here in my home is too. It's more than some people have. I was reminded of this when we made our Christmas Eve cookie deliveries to a couple neighbors. Neighbor #1 is right across the road, so the girls walked them over. They came home and said how sad it was, he was all alone, no Christmas decor, watching tv. His wife and step kids left him a couple years ago and being from England, he has no other family around, so sad and lonely! Neighbors # 2 are an older couple with no kids, they stop in the Summer quite often to check out my garden and get some produce. She was away working night shift, he was at home watching tv in a completely dark house. From what Ive gathered if they have family, they don't see them often, they moved here from Philadelphia. The cookies sure brightened up his face! I couldnt help but wonder how many other of my neighbors that I always wave to, but never met are also alone and sad!?
We also went Christmas caroling with our church. We havent gone for a few years so it was pretty new for the kids. It made quite an impression singing for widows, especially the one who weeped at how lonely she is the year. The kiddos made it a priority to pray for her over the Holidays.
On November 15, Jennifer turned 8! I must confess to being embarrassed to have a picture of her cake that did not turn out the way I envisioned! Its supposed to be a cupcake, but looks more like a bushy flower. But, she liked it so that's what was important!

Birthday gifts are always exciting, especially ones that come in the mail from family afar.

Not only did Jennifer have a date with Daddy at Longhorn, she got to ride with him for the day in his hauling truck!

The girls had a blast being in a Thanksgiving play with our homeschool group

The homeschool group kids

For Thanksgiving again this year, some of David's family came for a couple days. Playing Monopoly seemed to be a favorite pass time, as heated as the games did get! (:

Meeting new baby cousin Carter was fun!

Jennifer had another birthday celebration with Grandma's cake

After our traditional meal at Mi Rancho, there was a chilly game of mini-golf

On Christmas Eve, we left the kiddos open the gifts that came in the mail from family. These are from Summy family

These are from Aunt Lynette. She made the hats, when I found out it took her about 20 hours a hat, I'm almost afraid to let them wear them! The kiddos are looking forward to a second little Christmas when Grandma Heisey's gifts arrive!

I guess you can't tell how excited Trey was about his new shirt, for Christmas, that looks like Grandpa's dog Pepper! (:

There much anticipated treasures

I forgot pictures of cookie decorating, but this was their project/snack they made to take to Christmas Caroling at church