Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Photo Shoot and Other Things

Well, I hope this finds each of you doing well, and not stressing too much that the Holiday Season is already coming upon us!!
School is still going well, three more weeks and we are half way finished! I don't have much to say, so I will let the pictures tell you what we have been up to...
September found me doing lots and lots of applesauce, 79 quarts frozen and 28 canned! I did have some willing helpers though (:
Treyton helped by eating the cut apples
I stumbled across some trees nearby that were growing a fruit I never seen before. After research, I learned they were Persimmons. I did more research to decide what to do with them and came across a recipe for Apple Persimmon Butter. It was alot of work. We had to brave the fire ants to steal their much desired fruit and to get two cups of pulp, well that took awhile. The fruit was the size of a golf ball and each one averaged 6 almond sized seeds, so it took awhile to get much of anything...

David and I had a fun/funny date getting to go see the comedian, Mark Lowery.

Treyton about picked my flowers bare by happily bringing me flowers quite often. How could I reprimand him for destroying my poor flowers? Well, I couldn't, so I didn't (:

Rissa was excited to bring me her "New Little Buddy" that she rescued from the death clutches of our cat! (its a lizard)

October brought some exciting job changes for David. He has officially become self-employed, hauling storage buildings. He really enjoys his new work!

When he gets a building that is 14 ft wide he needs an escort who happens to be me! Our first one was a struggle as part of the roof blew off and needed repaired before we could continue on /:

Jennifer doing one of her favorite things, drawing.

My little 'Pilgrims'. It was an art project of Rissa's

Treyton's version of hauling Storage Barns

The next few photos are my attempt of a photo shoot, so enjoy...