Thursday, September 30, 2010

Being Thankful

I have been thinking a lot lately about having a thankful attitude. As we go about our life/work as a wife and mother it can be easy to grumble or complain. But when you find the blessing in what you do, you can find something to be thankful for even in your daily chores. Such as when we are folding heaps of laundry or ironing shirts that have piled up from the last couple Sundays, be thankful for the husband and kids you have that dirty the clothes. Or when you are doing the cleaning you can be thankful that you have a home to make spic and span. Or when you are changing the babies very messy diaper and your two year old comes and says ''I stinky in my panties'' while yet another child is sitting on the pot getting more impatient as they remind you once again that ''they are done, come wipe me'', you can be thankful that God blessed you with these precious gifts that grow up way too fast. Or maybe when we trip on our Honey's dirty shoes inside the door, we can be thankful we have a husband who works hard to provide for his family. Or when you decide to have a family shopping day one Saturday and are driving through 95* Augusta in a HOT van that lost its air conditioning, well, at least we don't have to ride in a horse and buggy! When we are once again washing supper dishes that get dirty faster than it takes to wash them, we can be thankful we had food to eat for our meal. The list could go on and on!
There are a few things that I am still trying to find the thankful part in. Such as when a child spills a glass of milk or sweet tea on your floor you ''just mopped this morning'' or when you pull back the shower curtain and there looking up at you is the grand-daddy of all the crickets. (believe me, I did not know they can get so big till we moved South, I have yet to figure out how they get in the pipes to come up the drain in the first place??!!) Or how to be thankful for the dust that comes out of nowhere and makes it possible to write in it on the dresser the day after you dusted it? Or how to be thankful that carrots have less calories than that piece of chocolate calling your name?
Well, I think you get what I am trying to say. But to put it in a nut shell, I am thankful for my wonderful Honey and special kids that I have been blessed with! And when I am informed yet once again at the grocery store that my hands are full, I can honestly say,"Yes they are, but I wouldn't trade it for the world, I am getting to do what I always dreamed of, being a wife and a mommy"!!

We have had some new ''firsts'' this week. Amber had her first cleaning at the dentist- she actually enjoyed it and had no cavities! Rissa is officially getting potty trained. I think she is finally getting it! And Treyton got his first tooth!

Treyton watching his first movie. (actually Amber was watching him for me for a couple minutes while they were watching one)

Jenny's best friend, Summer, came to play one day.

Amber feeding Treyton for her first time, she did really well!

Treyton gets where he wants to anymore! He loves to raid his toy basket!

We cannot help but laugh at his smile! He cannot smile without hanging his mouth wide open! (:

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Growing and Learning

I hope this finds everyone well! The last of the kiddos, Treyton, is dealing with the colds and ear infections that made their rounds. Other than that we are well. I think we are adjusted to school life. It is going great to car-pull! It is amazing what that extra hour does. The one who rides with me is almost 16, so when he gets his license, I won't have any driving!

Treyton is definitely a fan of his Daddy. When I ask him where Daddy is, I can tell he knows who I mean! I cannot believe he is 6 months old already!

Working his muscles to get ready for walking! (:

Rissa recently discovered that she loves the challenge of puzzles with many pieces. She had one with 25 pieces and she poured over that thing and got at least half together on her own.

Making no-bake cookies.

Since Amber is gone so much, I don't get many pictures of her. She is still loving school and has started to read some little stories. I think her favorite class is art, they do a lot of painting. (:

Rissa is going through this thing right now when she gets up on the morning. She thinks it is too bright and wants her 'glasses'. (:

I have really been working with Treyton's sitting up abilities. He rolls all over the place and even gets up on all fours, I was afraid he would be crawling before he can even sit up!

Rissa loves PB&J sandwiches!

This was one Honey-Do thing that I think David wished he had not tackled. The one bathroom had a leaking shower faucet. To get to the pipes, he had to tear out a kitchen cabinet and bang a hole through the wall. Very bad planning on whoever designed this house! He did manage to fix it. (:

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cute Captures by Aunt Mance

I am sorry that my posting is so late! Life is a bit crazy with me driving every day to school. But, that is about to change; I had an answer to prayer about that. Starting next week, I will have someone to car-pull with! So I will only have to make the run once a day, so, instead of two hours of driving, I will have only one.
Amber has been sick the last four days, it is going around the school and probably will the family now too. ): She is now on medication for an ear infection.
While we were in Pa last month, I had Aunt Mance take pictures of the kiddos. I thought I would share some with you. They are after the first seven pictures I posted.

Amber misses not seeing her buddy Treyton as much

Daddy is teaching the girls how to play a new game Grandma Heisey sent them.

This is a tree frog that sits on our porch in the evening to catch bugs. Amber wants to catch him in the worst of ways!

Cooling off!

Rissa and Jenny LOVE to color, they will spend a whole morning coloring one picture after another!

Pictures by Mance:

(I had to put this one on. Rissa makes me feel bad asking anyone to do pictures. They seem to bring out a grouchy side of her. A side that is displayed too often and I cannot use pictures as an excuse) (: