Monday, August 24, 2009

Good-bye Grandpa Steve

The girls had their first experience with the death of someone they knew and loved. "Grandpa" Steve, (pictured below) passed away this past Thursday. He went to the hospital two weeks before to find out his cancer had returned. He never made it back home. The girls were full of logical questions, that left me at times scrambling for answers! One thing that was a little comical to me but not poor Jenny; the evening of the visitation, she knew Grandpa Steve was in Heaven, but we were going to see his body that night. I could tell something was bothering her, and after questioning her, she with big eyes told me she did not want to die to go see Grandpa Steve! She thought since he was in Heaven, we would have to go there for the viewing! I tried my best to explain what was really going on, she seemed satisfied after that. We are all going to miss him, and Grandma Edna who will now be moving back to Pa.
David was going into prison with Steve and will greatly miss his company!
David's Grandpa Summy also passed away this morning, so we are off to Virginia again on Wednesday.
( taken at Easter)

"How refreshing"!

Rissa played in the sandbox one evening for a long time. Knowing there was not any sand in it should have been a warning for me to go check what was so entertaining! We later discovered it was stagnant water! I can only guess how much she drank! We found out what was so fun when she came carrying a cup of it with a tummy that was fuller than when she had went out, thankfully she did not get sick!

Amber made a new friend (a toad)

Scuba Diver?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend in Virginia

We spent this past weekend in Virginia. David had a cousin get married Friday night. On Saturday we went onto the beautiful Virginia mountains for a picnic with David's family. We headed for home Sunday evening. The girls had a great time with their cousins and second cousins!! They did not want to leave for home again. I regret not getting more pictures!

Up on a lookout in the mountains

Rissa learned a new word this weekend, "car"

Rissa never got so dirty before!

Picnic on the mountain

At the wedding reception

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer is quickly passing by

The summer is flying by so quickly! We have lived here for almost nine months now!
This is a Crype Myrtle bush we planted. It bloomed better than I expected, this picture was taken a couple days before its peak.

We finally got their wagon out of the storage unit. It gets used quite a bit!

Making "Yum Yum"

My helpers

Visiting Daddy at the shop