Sunday, March 24, 2013

Birthdays and Science Project Pets

The last couple weeks have been on the busy side! We had two birthdays, and prepped and planted the garden. We are having a houseful of company for Easter Sunday, so I did some spring cleaning. I was quite happy the other day when I managed to wash down all the walls in the house. My joy was squelched a little while later when I noticed that the dreaded yellow pollen from the pollinating pine trees had settled on my window sills and probably my clean walls!
We are down to 6 weeks left of school, a great feeling of relief is right around the corner!
We were very excited to get word this past week that our offer on 10 acres of land was accepted!! Now, we REALLY need to get this house sold!!

Marissa is 5!

She got a horse, (that she needs to share with her sisters) that their dolls from Christmas can ride.

Its always fun to get gifts in the mail from far away family!

And as always, the date with Daddy is the high-light of the day. Applebees was her choice to eat at because she "likes the french-fries".

Treyton is 3! My 'baby' went to Sunday School for the first time today. And for the first time, we have NO children during our Sunday School time. I must admit it was with mixed emotions as I watched him proudly walk to his class. Guess we have entered a new phase in life?! /:
Treyton was quite proud of his gift! We also got him his first bike, but it was too big and he was scared of it. /:  Treyton got to have a 'family date' at Pizza Hut for his special day!

Trey's gifts that came in the mail
His one gift came late, so he had "another birthday"!

I am not sure how impressed the girls were, but they were very good helpers by shoveling horse manure all afternoon for on the garden! My garden this year is cut in half in case we would end up moving. I planted spinach, potatoes, green beans, and onions so far.
Jennifer learned about ants in science and ever since has wanted to make an ant hill. Not sure how to dig up fire ants and make them a habitat, I ordered this nifty 'ant hill'. Once we got the hill,we sent off for ants. They came in this package a couple weeks later.

They immediately went to work carrying the 'dirt' from one side of the mound to the other. They were supposed to tunnel.

This is now what the 'hill' looks like. Never did I think I would have  pet "large Harvester Ants" from the dessert of Arizona on my kitchen counter, but its actually very interesting watching them. They never stop working it seems. I have seen them helping each other. Like when one was seeming too tired to keep crawling, another came behind it and held it up! We did have a couple die, and the others buried them. The girls need a science project to present to the homeschool group, so hopefully the ants keep living, cause this is going to be their presentation!