Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pa Trip

We had a nice trip to Pa. Treyton did surprisingly well, thankfully! We are all trying to adjust to having Aunt Lynette gone. Rissa had to cry on the way home, she asked for Lynette and I said she is bye-bye at her house.

Treyton is five weeks old!

Amber enjoyed kindergarten day at school. She will be going to first grade next fall at our church school.

A favorite toy at Grandma Heisey's house

Grandpa and Grandma Heisey

Grandpa and Grandma Summy

Enjoying a book with Grandpa

The girls never get bored when cousins are around!

Meeting cousin Alannah

It worked out on our trip for Treyton to meet some of his Great-Grandparents. He first got to meet Great-Grandpa Peachey in Virginia, ( I unfortunately forgot to take a picture). Then he met Great-Grandma Martin in Pa. It unfortunately did not work for him to meet Great-Grandpa and Grandma Heisey, hopefully next time!
Great-Grandma Martin

Enjoying 'Uncle Attention'

Cousin fun

Story time with Aunt Anna

Rissa and Trista have fun together

Picking "flowers" that we thankfully don't have here

Giving cuddly Trista a squeeze

David's mom surprised him with an early birthday supper and cake

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Taking a Break

It has come to the end of another week, and I suddenly realized, I only had taken two pictures all week long! So I don't have but two to post for everyone.
We are going to be heading to Pa early Monday morning and returning home again either Thursday or Friday. Treyton will only be a month old on Monday, so I am nervous about making such a long trip with him. I also dread the trip because I know we will be returning without Lynette. She has been a wonderful help to me and I am going to miss her terribly!! I fear we are in for some big adjustments! I have always been told that the third child is the one who causes the most adjustments, but I have to say, I think the fourth one is. He is a very good baby, but my hands are full! (:

A smile? Maybe, he has a couple times now. His first one was for his Daddy, making him quite proud! (:

Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Surprise

On Friday Treyton had his two week check-up at the doctor. She was impressed, he was a pound over his birth weight. He also had his first major day of shopping. I had wanted to take Lynette shopping before she goes home next week. He did well, but I am sure the day will come where he won't like to shop.( :
We got home to discover David's parents waiting patiently on our front porch for someone to get home! We did not know they were coming and were very surprised to see them there! The girls could not get out of the van fast enough! We had a great visit and they enjoyed meeting their new grandson!

The girls were sure to claim some attention too!

Many books got read too!

We are all going to miss Aunt Lynette when she goes home! It looks very overwhelming to me to be on my own again!

Making S'mores treats

Treyton enjoys his bath now. Lynette gets a turn at bathing him sometime too.

He tries to suck his thumb sometimes.

Resting peacefully

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Today was Treyton's first Sunday to church. His sisters (and parents (: ) were quite anxious to show him off! He did really well!
He actually had his first major outing yesterday when he got to go to the flea market!

Ready for church

His shirt says it all!

Rissa was excited when she got a gift in the mail from Uncle Parke's and she pulled out this little glow worm that plays songs! It came at a perfect time. I have been slowly snipping the end off her Nuk and on this day I had snipped the rest of the nipple off. She was not impressed, but the worm seemed to have side-tracked her enough that she did not pest for her ''Nuk Nuk", so she is FINALLY rid of the thing!
"Handsome like Dad" is what his outfit says, I couldn't have said it better myself!