Friday, May 18, 2012

My Mother's Day

My Mother's Day was spent in Pennsylvania! We decided to make a very fast trip, and surprise our Mother's. Our siblings knew we were coming, and had everything planned. We showed up at supper time Saturday night at David's Mom's house. The kiddos managed to sneak in the house and surprise Grandma in her kitchen. We stayed there till Sunday afternoon, then we made our way over to my Mom's. Now she has a long lane, and we knew she would see us coming, so we hitched a ride with my brother and his family. Mom and everybody were outside when we go there. Jenny was the first out of the van, and it was worth every hour of driving just seeing Mom's extremely surprised face! We stayed there till Monday morning, then we left for home.
I have been blessed with a wonderful Mom and Mother-in-law that I love very much and I am so thankful for them!!

Even though I feel like this more than I ever expected to as a Mother, I am still thankful for the privilege and honor of getting to be a Mommy!

Grandpa and Grandma Summy

They had a blast playing together! Alea did not know we were coming either, so she was also surprised!

Treyton thought it was fun getting a ride on Grandpa's new mower!

I was very mad at myself when I got home and realized I forgot to take a picture of the kiddos with my Mom and Dad. So, my sister sent me a picture of them and I made one of them all.

You can just see how much fun they have together!

I think Tirzah needs to show Amber how to be more bright-eyed! (~:

I often feel like I am missing out on being an Aunt when I see how much my nieces and nephews grow between each visit! )~:

The weekend after David's birthday, we did our celebrating. I had asked the girls what we should do for fun to celebrate, and Rissa loudly proclaimed miniature golfing. So, after a very yummy supper at TGI Friday's, we went golfing. It was a very fun evening!

This was our first time at this one. They had neat scenery and it was an easy course which made it more fun for the kiddos.

Yes, it is a fake gator in the water, Treyton was quite worked up about it though and wouldn't stand still long enough to stay on the picture.

Rissa has a very unique way of golfing, she puts her ball right at the hole, so she can get it in the hole with her first little push!

Awhile ago Treyton decided to be artistic with a pen on his bedroom wall. When I tried to cover it up with left-over paint we had on hand, it did not match. So, we ended up re-painting the whole room. It was a little un-handy cause I wanted to save the wall border that was already up. In the end, I was glad he had done that naughty deed because I liked the new color better. The picture doesn't quite show the color right, but it gives you and idea.

The girls found a toad on the deck the other evening. I was very surprised that Rissa was the only one that wanted to hold the "cute little thing"!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

A New Family Member

I wonder how many of you thought, "baby" when they read the title of this post, well, sorry to disappoint (or maybe relieve) you, but I was talking about a new kitten we got! (~:
It has gotten hot out now, it was late in coming this year! Our garden is looking so nice, until last night, the deer thought that the corn and green beans looked yummy. They better beware cause I am on the war path now!

Kiddos with kitty "Nick"

Treyton likes the kitty except when it is too playful

I surprised the kiddos with a trip to the park after a short day of school

A penny for her thoughts

I know it looks like it, but no, we are not Rednecks, he just escaped from the house!

David had his birthday this past Monday. I very much surprised him when I showed up at his work with home-made pizza for everyone. All his buddies knew ahead of time, so we all had one over him that time!

Rissa has taken an interest in writing in old school books, I am hoping to do some K-4 school work with her this coming school year.

I cannot keep this girl out of books! That is a good thing of course!

Amber was the helper at story- time at the library

Being the oldest, Amber gets to read the story sometimes. You can also see Treyton with his new little buddy, "Jackson". They are the same age and have fun together, most times anyway! Jackson is the 'hugging' type, so Treyton feels smothered at time!