Friday, June 24, 2011

Father's Day and a Trip to the Beach

We made Father's Day a weekend long celebration here. David had to work most the day on Saturday, unfortunately, but we started out the weekend with brunch and then gift opening time. We gave him 3 very much needed Sunday shirts and a gift card to Applebees. (I had used credit card points to get the gift card, so combined with a good coupon, we ALL ate for FREE). We went out for supper on Saturday night.
On Sunday we decided to surprise the girls and go to the Beach. Rissa has been praying that ''she could soon go to the beach'', so we decided to answer that prayer. (Jenny is also praying that ''Mommy would have a baby'',but I think she will have to wait for her answer!! ) (:
It was a fun weekend. David is a wonderful husband and Father and I am so thankful for him! I am also thankful for my Dad and for my Father-in-law. They are both a blessing to me, and are both super Grandpa's!

We LOVE Daddy!!

Gift time

The kids loved the beach. Treyton even seemed to have fun till he got tired of being sand covered, including in his mouth.
It was a very windy day, so it did not feel too hot.

Jenny found this star fish on the beach

Treyton was determined to catch himself a seagull

Catching waves

Amber and Jenny wanted to surprise Daddy and clean out his truck

We have a Wren couple that built a nest in my one hanging basket, of course they had to pick the nicest one. My first instinct was to remove it, but I decided it would be a fun experience for the girls, who are now anxiously waiting for the baby birds.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer is Here

I am sure you Grandma's have been wondering if I am ever gonna post some new pictures, well here a few! Sorry you had to wait so long!
The last couple weeks have been busy. Amber and Jenny had their first ever week of vacation Bible School all last week. They had fun going each night with their friend Issac. They are already talking about Bible School for next summer!
I am going to do a little bragging here. There are some days when things just seem to go exactly how I don't want them to, kids act like they never received training, I have a headache, and I just cannot get done what I want. Then there are times where your kids just make you so proud of them, that you wonder how you could have been grouchy at them the day before. Well, I mentioned awhile ago about doing the 'coupon thing'. As I feared it is not only time consuming (I usually figure 2 hours of pre-shopping trip preparation), but it makes for many store stops in town. I go once a week in the evening and let the kids with David (the girls each take a turn getting to go with me). My 'coupon stops' are 2 pharmacy and 3 grocery stores. Well,, last week David worked late every night, so I had to go through the day with all the kids. I had all my coupon stops and 3 extra stops, so I was dreading it to say the least. Don't ya know, those kids never complained, and had perfect behavior! I was so proud , I tried to tell them, but I don't think they quite realized how much it meant to me, they were just glad for the ice cream I rewarded them with at McDonalds! (: Then, the next day I found a little note on my dresser from Amber, it said, " Dear Mommy, I love you very much, you are the best. I am glad I am your daughter". It was so sweet and was also a reminder of why I love having the best job in the world, being a mommy!

Treyton has started to show some of the 'little boy' behavior I have been warned of, he can be quite a handful sometimes! But he is still so sweet!

The girls have been doing a lot of swimming, Treyton likes to watch them.

The girls love to draw pictures

Amber has become quite the bookworm

Weekly summer story-time has started at the library. The girls really enjoy that. We take their friend Issac along with us, which makes it even more fun.

We got the sprinkler out the other night to help cool the kids off

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Our Pennsylvania Trip

We are home once again after a fun time with family! As always, time flew by so fast! Sorry it took a couple days for me to get the pictures on. I am worse than a baby when I get out of my routine, and it takes a while for me to get everything back in order, especially after being away for so long!
David and I did not make it to the wedding in Ohio. He was so busy helping his Dad, then Jenny had a bike wreck when we should have been leaving, so we took a weekend away, but not so far away as Ohio.
I had lots of pictures and could not decide which ones to share with you, so I put them all on, ENJOY!

We started our trip in Rustburg Virginia where David's brother Kevin married Cindy Schrock. They had a very creative and unique wedding!
The Summy family

Summy cousins and new cousin Aleia

The Summy siblings

Rissa was proud of her new wedding dress that she had picked at the store herself! (:

The wedding was at a beautiful setting. Kevin built the gazebo/bridge himself to use for the wedding.

Amber and Jenny were flower girls

Treyton did not care much about the occasion, he was just glad to be out of the van!

David was an usher

The Groomsmen brought the groom across the pond in boats to the wedding

Amber and Jenny 'being flower girls'

The very happy new couple!

Amber helped to serve the bride and groom their supper

Rissa made a new friend at the wedding

After the wedding was over, Kevin took Cindy across the pond in a boat to his truck on the other side.

We stayed in Lynchburg VA after the wedding. There was an air show going on, the Blue Angels were to be there, we had seen them practicing the night before, so we decided to stay and watch the show. Unfortunately it got too late, and we had to leave before they flew, but at least we had seen the practice and it gave us time to visit with my brother and his family who were also there.

Trying to avoid the hot sun!

Treyton liked his Uncle Parke

We set up Treyton's pack-n-play in the van, but the strange set-up kept him from actually sleeping!

Cousins are also good friends

The kiddos did not get to spend much time with Summy cousins cause they had to go back to Honduras two days after the wedding, so they made use of the short time they had!

We all went on a picnic at Shawnee State Park

Treyton and Kassidy, I wonder what they are thinking!?

Crazy Kids!

Amber got her first driving lesson while we were there, yes she is in the drivers seat! (she had some help of course! )

Four Wheeler rides with Aunt Lynette

Treyton liked getting to know his cousins better (Treyton and Kelly)

Coloring with Trista

Amber mentioned to Uncle David that she never flew a kite. So he went and bought one to fly with her. They had a hard time getting it to take off, but after a frustrated kick to the kite, it took off. ( seriously! )

...and went way up!

-It is the black spot in the middle-

One day we went to visit my Grandma and to do her laundry/cleaning. My Uncle and Aunt who live next door, entertained the girls. They also had fun getting to know some of their second cousins.


David helped his Dad in the gazebo shop, they had a tight dead-line on an order, so they recruited us women to help one night. We were out there till around 10 carrying lumber and shingles.

Uncle David and Aunt Anna played ball with the girls one evening

Treyton loves his Aunt Lynette

Sunday evening my Aunt/Uncle/& Cousins stopped in. Treyton meeting my cousin Todd.

Rissa enjoyed the attention my cousin Tiffany gave her!

Searching for strawberries

For some reason the Farm really appealed to the girls this time. They just LOVED the animals and following my brothers and sister around while they chored. They now want us to get a farm, I told them to ask their Daddy! (:
(thanks Aunt Lynette for the pictures)

Jenny had a major fall off her bike- this is 4 days after it happened. It was the closest we came to an emergency room visit with one of our kiddos! We decided to skip the hospital and take care of it on our own, it is healing quite nicely! As far as we can tell, she lost control going down a hill (something she is not used to riding on) and took a big spill right onto her head. It appeared to be gouged in as far as it could be. Thankfully David cleaned it for me and he was the one to use the tweezers to remove the stones! Hopefully in won't scar too bad for her!

Treyton's new summer hair-cut