Saturday, January 14, 2012

Back From the North Pole

Well, I guess saying we are back from the North Pole is stretching it a little. Pennsylvania actually had bearable weather this year! Our weather the last couple days is probably about as wintery. (if that is a word) We left for PA January the 4th and came home again on the 9th. Most of David's family was in Honduras during our visit, so we missed seeing them this trip! The visit went by way too fast as always. When we got home, I was disappointed at how few pictures I had taken! ):

As if returning home and trying to get back into the groove of school and preparing for a late Christmas banquet for the young marrieds at church was not enough, we came home sick. David had the stomach flu hit while we were still there on Saturday. I felt bad for him. My Mom had her Christmas meal of ribs and shrimp on Sunday, and he spent the day on the recliner, the thought of food very repulsive! Much to my surprise, Rissa is the only one who got it. Unfortunately, all the kiddos are now battling extremely sore throats, all at the same time! I really blame our severe weather changes, one day the windows are wide open, then the next day the heat is cranked. I take comfort in the fact that probably in a month we should be having more nice weather than bad!

Spending time with cousins is always a highlight!

A project Aunt Lynette helped the girls with.

Amber was very happy that Alea and her family did not go along to Honduras. They got to spend some time at her house, then Alea came to Grandpa Heisey's to play with Amber one evening too.

One of our days was spent at a family gathering with my Dad's family. Great Grandpa and Grandma Heisey had a gift for each of the Great-Grandkids to open.

This is my Grandparents and most of my cousins kiddos. The last time we made it to the gathering, I was two months away from having Treyton, so alot of the relatives had not seen Treyton yet.

Rissa enjoying attention from Uncle David.

Present time! By now Treyton had figured out that there is fun things inside nicely wrapped packages!

No matter how nice of a gift kids get, it seems that they always think that the other kids gifts are more exciting, as Treyton is doing here!

I was tickled with the Bath and Body Works bag full of lots of goodies that Mom gave!

Cousins are fun to be with and are missed greatly when we are home again! Jenny was sick on the couch, so she missed out on the picture.

Even though she was in Honduras, Aunt Anita had some fun gifts waiting for the kiddos. The girls were pleased with the big box of kitchen supplies for their play-house!

She gave Treyton some new trucks and things

And Grandma Summy had their stockings waiting by her fireplace.

Last night, David and I along with another couple from church, were in charge of the Christmas banquet for the young marrieds at church. (yes, we are still in the young marrieds group, but are very quickly getting to the age of having to move up to the next group). I made 14 chocolate cheese balls as party favors.

David and I also got together a "How Well do You Know Your Spouse" game. It was fun getting the questions together, but more fun watching them get answered!

Here is a hard-to-read copy of the questions, try it and see how well you do!