Wednesday, September 23, 2009


For those of you who have not heard, we are dealing with some medical issues with Amber. A little over a month ago, the Pediatrician discovered Amber's lymph nodes were enlarged. We gave it a few weeks and went for a re-check. They were still large, so she did blood work to check for cat scratch fever. That came back negative. Amber is now scheduled to see a Pediatric surgeon at the Children's Hospital in Augusta Ga. next Thursday, who will decide what the next step is. They said a possible biopsy. They are now wanting to make sure it is not Lymphoma cancer. It is a scary ordeal and we would appreciate your prayers! I constantly worry about what we are going to find out. A friend shared this acronym with me
W- Wrestling
O- over

R- Reality
R- Ridiculously
Y- Yourself

One morning I went to get Rissa, she was quite proud of herself, she had taken her clothes off. Thankfully she had left her pamper on!

First Popsicle cone

Jenny having a female moment

Eating jelly

Below is a song that keeps coming to my mind as we deal with Amber.

You might have to copy and paste it, I am not sure you can just click on it.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Home Again

We are finally home again! We had a great time with family! On the way home we talked about how much has happened in the last three weeks~ we had three deaths, a wedding and a new niece!
I decided to go ahead and put ALL the pictures on, so have fun looking at them!
(the date is messed up on some)

Rissa taking it easy at Grandma's house

Labor Day at Grandpa Heisey's (playing church, I went out one time to find them all in a deep time of praying, I was wishing for a video camera)

Apple sauce time with Grandma Summy

We stayed in my parents guest house
Every morning the girls would walk down to Grandma's for Breakfast

Story time with Nitz

Going for a cruise in my brother David's car

On our first Saturday we went to visit my brother Parke and his family. We went on a scenic train ride

We also went to the PA Grand Canyon

Supper on the way home

Enjoying new cousin Trista Kate

Rissa being side-tracked while I held the baby

Besides building Gazebo's, David also built a shed for my Dad

Delivering the finished product

We spent an afternoon and evening at Shawnee State with the Summy's

Cousins and Best Friends

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Signing off for awhile

Just a little update. We went to Virginia for David's Grandpa's funeral last week, and it ended up that his Grandma also died, so there was a double funeral.
We are now in PA for awhile. We might stay till next weekend, so I will not be posting on here till we get back.
We are all having fun being with family. David is back at his old work-place while we are here. Since he was out of work in SC, he is glad to have some here. The girls are enjoying catching up on playing with their cousins!
So, good-bye for now!