Saturday, October 31, 2009

Play time

We had Amber to the specialist this past week for her check-up. He said her lymph nodes had not changed much. The one did get a little smaller if anything. He said that as a doctor he did not feel that a biopsy is necessary at this time, but as a parent, he would recommend one for comforts sake. He said what he is watching for is cancer, but he feels the odds are low, he just wants to keep an eye on her. She goes again in another month. We decided that if the nodes are still not any better, we will go ahead with the biopsy. I asked him if I should be more worried, he said I need to be concerned, but not losing sleep over it. Our prayer is that till next month, the nodes will be gone so Amber will not have to have the biopsy.

Rissa and her new shades

The girls opening a box from Grandma H. Rissa got the new pink shoes

Jenny in a puzzle mood

My three pumpkins

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


We have been enjoying nice fall weather. Fall is my favorite time of year. I do miss the nice PA mountains changing their leaves. It is not the same here. Instead of raking leaves, I went out and planted Pansies in my flower beds, the official winter flower in the South. I have been learning how much the Southerners DREAD the "long winter months". (: I think I dread the long Summer months more! I guess we are becoming more 'Southernized'; We were at a campfire the other night, and we thought it was frigid outside, our noses were red and we were soon going to start looking up for the snowflakes. We got home, fired up the furnace, then saw the temperature was only 54*! (: I guess when only a month ago it was in the nineties, the fifties feel cold!

When I see Rissa on the slide, I often feel like I need to go out to catch her

Story time with Daddy after a long day of work

Talking with Grandma Heisey

Going on a road trip

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Newest family member

We wanted to introduce you to the newest member of our family, who is expected to join us March 22, 2010. I have two little girls who are more than excited! Amber said she will be my best helper. Boy or girl? We don't know, but Amber said she was praying for a boy, so she knows it will be a boy. I guess we will see!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fun pictures

It seems we have been busy, but with what? I think David's new long hours make the days seem longer. He is really enjoying his new job. He was quite proud of himself the other day, he was the first employee ever to get to run the combine.
I have been working on schooling again with Amber. She really enjoys it.

Rissa was scared of the big bubbles at first

Rissa's new wheels

The rougher the better for Amber

Picking flower buds

The girls friend, Braxton, came to play one evening

One of our kitties, want one?

No comment needed (:

Late one evening Rissa decided to find a place to cuddle down

You probably get tired of seeing our huge creatures. I think I would rather see a roach than this fuzzy thing in the house!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Visit with Grandpa and Grandma Summy

We enjoyed having David's Dad and Mom staying with us from last Sunday till Thursday afternoon. We were thankful they could be here with us when we had to take Amber to her doctor.
The girls enjoyed going to Mc Donalds with them one evening while David and I got to go on a date.
David's job at the barn shop has ended for lack of work. He has been enjoying working for a local crop farmer. He does what he enjoys, driving truck and doing field work with tractors. Some of it will be a new experience working with harvesting peanuts and cotton. His hours are longer, but he is glad for work!

Reading and visiting in the evenings

We ladies defrosted, cleaned and moved the freezer into the garage

Dad went with David to work every morning, but he did find time to make me some canning shelves in the garage

Decorating our driveway with chalk Grandma brought

I had some tomatoes in the freezer that we turned into juice

We are finally having cooler weather. Amber thought it felt like winter one morning when it was a little over 50*

Story time with Daddy

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Amber Update

Amber was to see the specialist today and he gave a good report. He said at this time he is not concerned. He said it is very normal for kids this age who are around other kids to be fighting things they get exposed to. Her tonsils are very large which he said is a sign of having fought something. He wants to see her in three weeks to see how the lymph nodes are. He said he is not worried of Lymphoma. He said the neck lymph nodes are not the ones to be concerned of for that, plus they would be hardening. He said at this time he does not want to put her through a biopsy because it would not show anything since he feels it is just from being exposed to something. We were very relieved with what he had to say! We praise God for doing this!
Thanks everyone for your prayers!
I think with dealing with something like this you only realize how much you love your children! I tend to imagine the worst, and to think of what could happen if she had something really bad, it was hard! You think of making every day count!