Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fun Times

Well, I ended up with a bunch of pictures this time. I found some I somehow missed from before!
Aside from all the kids having colds again, (no surprise with this crazy weather of hot and cold!), we are all fine. I have my fingers crossed that there won't be ear infections again!
My "Lil Stinker"

Anything goes in his mouth, this is a rubber ducky he found.

 This picture is for Treyton's Grandpa's (:
Lunch made for me by Jenny

A couple weeks ago we had a church picnic. Amber was excited to have a canoe ride! 
( I tried to not worry  about gators! (:  ) 

 I have been trying to make our tiny house more efficient with four kids. One of the ways was to get rid of my regular sized high chair and get a "space saver" high chair.

Trying to get a leaf pile (:

Treyton doing a favorite thing of his, empty the toy basket.

We have work in progress going on in the kitchen. Treyton is very interested in the tools!

The shirt says it all (:

Amber had a good week at school last week. Her first field trip, (to the zoo), and cashing in her merits (for good grades and behavior), this is what she got with them. She also decorated cookies, I was hoping for a picture but she ate them all on her way home from school!

Treyton loves bath time!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Accomplishments

I am sorry that I have taken so long to post! It seems I just don't grab my camera as much lately, I will try to do better!

Treyton is almost 7 months old now! He just got his second tooth and has started crawling. He is getting to be a chunk to lug around anymore!

Rissa is a ''busy mommy''

Favorite activity

I mentioned before about how Rissa loves to do puzzles. This one was her first big accomplishment. It was a 63 piece puzzle (minus a missing piece). She labored all day the first time she did it, now it is together in a few minutes.

I think Treyton is proud of his new milestone! The girls learned the hard way that they have to be careful what they let lay on the floor after he chewed up half the back cover of their new Berenstain Bear book! (:

Our front porch friend "Lizzie"