Monday, September 16, 2013

Another Year of School Underway

   Okay, I must confess that I suddenly remembered the other day that I have this project called a Blog that I am supposed to put pictures and updates on! Yes, I really did forget. Imagine my embarrassment when I seen that the last pictures on were the trip pics! Well, confession number two: I only had a couple pictures on my camera (something else I forgot I have), but I figured that's better than none at all!! (:
  Why so forgetful? Now here come the excuses; we are in week six of school, I have been canning (something that's new for me to tackle alone), (my cucumbers resurrected themselves and I figured after they worked so hard to do that I may as well do more pickles and relish and even more pickles), salsa and more salsa to can, a little boy who has become a constant bored shadow since everyone else is doing school and the list goes on as I'm sure many of you know what that's like! (:
  School, so far, is the best we have had yet in going smoothly. We had a rough start though, the first week of school we had: 2 bushel peaches, 2 house showings (that didn't result in a sale), Treyton sick the whole time, stage two of my root canal and major job changing decisions for David. But we made it through!
Rissa is in K5 and she loves it. Sitting still was a struggle, but she is doing better and I think we have had only one emotional break-down which is better than I had hoped for (:  She says that penmanship is her favorite subject which is surprising to me as she has to work hard to "get it". 

Jennifer is in 2nd grade. She loves arithmetic, art and science.

Amber is in 4th grade (already) and she likes science, and phonics (even though it's hard for her)

Treyton, wearing his favorite shirt, follows me everywhere I go! Once things aren't so busy, he's anxious to start his school books too. He gave us a scare by throwing up for an entire week. I took him to the doc after a couple days, they said flu, a couple days later we decided this is enough and took him to the children's hospital. They also said flu and to give him a couple more days, which till then he was over it as suddenly as he had started. I wish now I had taken a picture of him, not real "meaty" to begin with, he looked awful with his sunken eyes and very skinny body. Once the throwing up stopped, all he wanted to do was eat and eat and eat some more! I'm still not quite convinced it was the "very contagious" flu they said it was, that none of the rest of us got!? 

The girls had fun cranking tomato juice and more tomato juice.

When the school day is over, I am ready to put it away till the next day, but the kiddos LOVE to drag the stuff back out and play school for the afternoon

Amber was more than excited to rescue a Hummingbird that got stuck in the garage. The poor thing was very worn out from trying to get out of the garage that it didn't fight to get away from her, at first anyway, then it took off.
That's all the pictures I have, sorry. /: I will try harder till next time...