Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Fun Afternoon

Amber had a half day of school on Tuesday, so I thought I would surprise the kiddos with a fun afternoon. Amber had no clue of our plans, but Jenny and Rissa knew we were going on a picnic at the park. {a side note for my brother Parke, when I told Rissa we were going to the park, she kept asking if you were going to be there. (: }
We picked up Amber and went into town to a park, had a picnic of PB&J sandwiches, then the kiddos played and played.
It was a fun afternoon! (:

My 4 sweet kiddos about take up a whole swing set (:

Treyton liked looking at the handsome little guy in the mirror.

Amber made quick friends with a home-school girl who was there too.

After an afternoon of playing hard, I had one more surprise, ice cream at Sonic's!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Weekend Visitors and Happy Birthday Trey

Last Saturday David's Dad and Mom came till Monday morning. As with most visitors that come, we put them to work! (: We also celebrated Treyton's 1st birthday while they were here even though it was a couple days early. He is not walking completely, but he does go 4-5 steps at a time.
The weather has been so beautiful, if you don't mind yellow pollen settling on EVERYTHING, I would say it cannot get much nicer! I have been after David to get the lawn mower ready, it is time to mow!

We have these cute little flowers in the yard right now that the girls have fun picking for me.

The project that David and his Dad worked on was getting rid of this ugly porch and replacing it with a NICE, BIG deck.

Rissa did not like the loud power tools

The completed (except for a couple finishing touches and landscaping) project-THANKS!!

Rissa ready for her first day at Sunday School

Has it really been a year since Treyton was born??!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Treyton! Grandma Summy made him a 'Block' cake


Treyton had fun opening gifts and eating envelopes. (:

His favorite snack!

Grandma also brought a cake for Rissa...

...and some gifts

Amber lost tooth number 2

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Marissa

Marissa had her third birthday yesterday! She has been counting the days down till her special day! She is excited that she is now old enough to go to Sunday School!

She wanted a Dora cake for her birthday

We went to her favorite place to eat, Pizza Hut

She had fun opening her gifts.
This is from Uncle David, Aunt Anna and Tirzah

She loved her Bible and case to use for Sunday School from Grandpa and Grandma Heisey

He thought the Dress from Aunt Lynette was "Ahh, pretty".

Helping to put together her new tricycle from Daddy and Mommy

She is going to have to grow into this gift!

Last Saturday was a busy day. First David recruited my help to finish painting a storage barn at the shop.
Then, our neighbor asked us to make flower beds at the end of his lane. He said that they like my flowers and thought we could add some color to his place. Not only did we come home with a couple extra dollars, we both broke out in poison! David is especially bad.

The barn we worked on

Treyton was not sure of his 'nursery' at the shop

Sunday night was a kids service at church.
Jenny's class sang some songs.

Amber had to read a Bible verse.

Treyton, (who is still not walking) is a busy little boy. He is very bad at getting into things. I guess that is why his third word he learned to say is, "no,no,no"! (:
He just figured out that he can get under his crib, there are some toys under there he did not know we had!

Jenny is usually the one that comes off with comments, questions and ideas that I wish I would have been writing down over the years. This morning was one of those times I could not help but laugh! It went something like this;
The girls were busy eating breakfast,
Amber: Hey Jenny, guess what my teacher told us yesterday. She said that we are going around the sun.
Jenny: What? In a space shuttle?
Amber: No! the EARTH is going around the sun.
Jenny: Well, how are we going to do that? What are we going to fly in?
Amber: Oh, never mind!