Monday, July 26, 2010

My Sweet Kiddos

Not much went on last week. It seemed like we were going away a lot!

18 Weeks

The girls were invited to go with church kids to a place that had inflatable things to jump, climb and slide on. They had a blast, except Rissa- too much action for her!

These kiddos are counting the days down till we come to PA!!

Treyton likes to be cuddled in his soft, fuzzy blanket

The girls were quite proud of the medals they got from the library for completing the summer reading program!

Treyton getting serenaded

Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer is Flying By

This week flew by! I felt like I was gone more than I was at home! This coming week will be no better!

17 Weeks

Rissa after my evening walk

We took the girls to play Sunday night, then cooled off with some ice cream.

A busy lady!


Daddy's little helpers

Always something to do!

There are some things that I absolutely hate or worry about running into! I don't mind the lizard that moved in around the house, (outside of course), that we named Lizzie, I don't worry too much about alligators lurking in the woods waiting for a tasty treat, or about some of the other creatures that were new to me here, but one thing I cannot get used to are the spiders, especially 'zoo-sized' ones. We saw this disgusting and HUGE one come out of my flower bed, the one I had just been in to hook up my water hose. Pictures don't show just how gross and big it was. He was at least as big as the palm of your hand. I thought for sure I had seen my first Tarantula! (: I don't think they have body segments that are like a hard shell though, so what kind of spider is he??

Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer's Busy Days

It was a busy week last week. David had his first prison seminar and was gone three evenings and all day Saturday. They went really well. On Saturday he wondered how much the guys really learned as a fist fight broke out between two guys over a very small issue. So goes life in prison!
We also finished the garden. All that is there now is our second corn crop. In a few weeks we will plant more green beans. I was disappointed with our crop, I guess we are still learning how to garden in the South.

Four months old! Where does time go??

Treyton likes the new item (cereal) that was recently added to his diet!

An interesting way to go swimming on a hot day!

If Treyton could talk, I think he would agree with his shirt; he definitely loves his Daddy!

Rather that spend another evening home alone, on Friday afternoon I took the kiddos to town to go shopping, then we went to Kentucky Fried Chicken for supper. Afterward I surprised them by going to the park to let them play!

Treyton and I had fun talking while sitting and sweating on the park bench while they played.

Every Thursday I take the girls (and Treyton) to the library for the Summer reading program. Each week they have something different planned. Here they are watching a juggler.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Amber

We had two birthdays this past week, mine and then Amber's. For my birthday, David took us all to an outlet mall in Charleston that I have been wanting to go to. We had a lot of fun! For Amber's birthday, we went to see fireworks. (:

My handsome "little man"

Happy 6th Birthday Amber!!

Amber enjoyed getting birthday packages and cards in the mail! This is from Grandpa and Grandma Summy and also one from Cousins Daryl & Travis, Uncle Parke and Aunt Janelle

This package was from Grandpa and Grandma Heisey and Aunt Lynette.

Gift from us. She was excited to see the back pack she has been wanting to get for school!

We went to Augusta to watch fireworks. It was Rissa's first time for them. She does not like load noises (she still hides from my vacuum cleaner) so she ''don't like them''!

Waiting for the fireworks to start

Jenny decided to share her sunglasses (: