Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Fun with Lynette and Happy Anniversary

Tomorrow David and I will celebrate our 8th anniversary! I cannot believe that eight years have passed already. I have been blessed with the best husband, and I am thankful for him!

Our wedding day

Yes, we are still here! We have been busy, and I have not taken the time to post pictures. Sunday a week ago we met my sister in Virginia to bring her here for a visit. She had hitched a ride as far as 5 hours from here. It ended up having to be an over-night trip till we got her and got home again. We get to enjoy her company for two weeks.
We have been keeping her busy. I have taken the opportunity to tackle some projects while I have help. David and I have managed to get a date in too, and are looking forward to having the day to ourselves on our anniversary while Aunt Lynette babysits!

Going to get Aunt Lynette, Treyton got carsick and had a major throwing-up episode, but we got there!

Amber had "Luau" secret-friend party

For story time at the library this week, the Science center was there. The girls had fun seeing the different animals.
Here is the baby alligator.

A snake

Treyton took about three days to warm up to Lynette, now he LOVES having her around.

Rissa helped Aunt Lynette make brownies

Saturday David recruited our help to get some catch-up barn painting done

Treyton decided to try some of the paint

Sunday night we took the kids to the park. I took the opportunity to go on a bike ride with David while Aunt Lynette drove the kiddos in the van. It was a fun ride and my first long ride.

Today we took the kids to the beach. We were going to go 3 hours to the ocean, but decided to stay closer to home and go the Lake which is only 1 hour away. The girls had a blast!

We had a picnic lunch

Treyton was the only one who got tired of it after a couple hours

Playing with new friends

We ALL enjoyed stopping at Dairy Queen on the way home!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Amber

On July 4th, Amber had her 7th birthday! I cannot believe that she is seven already, time flies way too fast! She asked me if she looks older now that she is 7, for some reason, I really thought she did. (: She was looking forward to her special day for so long, then it got over too soon for her! We had planned on going to see fireworks that evening, but for some reason all the shows were done on Saturday night, so we unknowingly missed out on all the shows. We were all disappointed! We left Amber decide what to do for the evening. She chose eating supper at Ryan's Buffet, then bowling. But when we were in town, she seen the park and decided she would rather do that. That was fine with us since the park was free! (:

Happy 7th birthday!

She was in desperate need of a new Bible. She was quite pleased with this one! It is a young readers version, which she is able to read and has been doing quite a bit!

She also wanted some 'foam craft' supplies

Grandpa and Grandma Heisey sent her "The Little House on the Prairie" series. They are a little above her reading level, I thought, but she has started the first one and is enjoying it!

Aunt Lynette sent her this new purse. Amber is quite proud of her purse that ''makes her look grown-up''!

We had fun at the park. It was thankfully not too hot out. This was the first that Treyton was there since he can walk. He had a blast!

He was fascinated with the not to wild squirrels.

David could not resist this picture! (I guess squirrels like pizza too!)

The girls thought that their new matching PJ's were pretty neat!

This was Rissa's way to escape Treyton (: