Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Suprise Visitors and Our Never Dull Life

Well, last week we completed our fourth week of school. I told David each week seems to be better than the one before! Thankfully!! If Treyton could talk, he would probably say otherwise, but even he has been improving!
Last Wednesday night, my Mom called to say that her and Dad were in Tennessee, and decided to take the out-of-the-way back home and come see us! It was a short visit, they got here Thursday night and stayed till Saturday morning. We did not tell the kiddos who was coming, so they were surprised and thrilled and were so full of excited energy, that they probably wore Grandpa and Grandma out! We love getting visitors. (hint hint)

Treyton surprised us all with a new word, "Papa" (Grandpa)
He clung on to Grandpa the whole time they were here

Grandma probably about lost her voice from reading so much! We had been at the library Thursday morning, and had gotten about a dozen new books...

Treyton with "Papa"

Treyton and Rissa were glad to have someone to play with while I did school with Amber and Jenny

Amber thought it was fun to do her reading assignment with Grandma

Waiting for story-time to begin at the library

Amber had the privilege of getting to read one of the story books. This year at story-time, my kiddos are the only ones that come!

I guess Treyton wanted to see how many ''rumm-rumms'' he has, so he lined them all up to find out!

Friday night a week ago it was our turn to clean the church, we had some very willing helpers!

Treyton had fun exploring

Amber with one of her phonics tests, she was proud of her A+!

Jenny made this craft to go along with her vowel song, ''Old Mac Donald had a farm, A,E,I,O,U"

Amber was excited when she finally caught one the new kinds of lizards that we have been seeing. I guess this one did not lose its tail fast enough, she had others escape her by letting their tail in her hand! Oh, and she recently lost her first front tooth!

For Skills class one day, Jenny learned about manners and the proper way to set the table.

I got a tracing book for Rissa so she could "do school too"!

The other weekend it had cooled off so the girls made up for lost time of playing outside when it was too hot. They fall cleaned and decorated their play house. I got amused watching them, but was impressed with their creativity! They got a small dead tree out of the woods, stuck it in the ground at the play house, then they pulled red leaves off of another tree and stuck them on their 'new' tree!

Our stray dog has become a permanent family member, officially. About a week after he showed up, a neighbor lady stopped and claimed him as hers, but she said we could have him cause she was going to take him to the pound anyway. I found it funny when she wanted to show me how he likes to ride in the car. She called him to her car then told him to get in. Instead, he looked at the car, then came over and sat down by my feet. I think she was as surprised as me, cause I could tell he knew who she was! Oh, and she told us his name is, "Foxy"! David said we need to change his name, but it has stuck as Foxy.

The girls proudly showing Daddy their handy-work

Thursday, September 15, 2011

School Days

Well, I figured it is about time for another update! We are in our third week of school now, and I must admit it has been the best one so far. I think we are all adjusting to the new schedule and the girls are familiar with the DVD school layout and what they are expected to do. Because of that, I don' feel like I have to constantly be hovering over their shoulders making sure they are ''getting it''. They still are enjoying school, and I hope it stays that way! Treyton still struggles, but even he has improved. I try to give him ''Mommy time'' while the girls are watching one of their subjects. Rissa usually colors or does a puzzle at the kitchen table, so I try to help her with that in between helping Jenny. The girls swamp David every evening, proudly showing him all their papers from that day. I have actually gotten most of my early fall cleaning done this week, (even if it means dusting the house at 6:30 in the morning!) I really enjoy the part of having the girls home with me rather than sending them off to school every day!

Story time started at the library this past week. This is a project they made there.

Jenny's DVD classmates had show and tell. Amber wanted to see it too. (:

Trying to keep Treyton busy; it did not last very long though!

We started by having both girls doing school at the kitchen table. We since then have gotten them individual desks and separated them. That works really good. Amber is independent enough that she can work on her own. She is not far from where I am with Jenny, so I can hear if she is participating with her "class".

Jenny had fun making her new letters with play dough.

One of the rare occasions where they are playing nicely together!

We had a stray dog show up last week. I was NOT at all into having a flea-infested dog around! I called animal control to come get it. They never came and in the meantime we all got attached to the very friendly cute thing. David and I gave it a very thorough bath in Dawn dish soap, and it appears that all the fleas are gone! (the soap killed them fleas on contact! One of those internet search remedies)
He does not have a name yet, but he has made himself right at home, and the kiddos are delighted to have him, (me too!)

Monday, September 5, 2011


Well , I am sure y'all are wondering how the Homeschooling thing is going. It is going, but is a harder trial than I expected! The girls LOVE it, but I have not quite figured out yet how you balance your time between your school kids and the ones that are not schooling without neglecting one or the other. I can tell that Rissa and Treyton feel they have been left behind in all this, but maybe they, like me, don't adjust well to changes. I am hoping that with time, it will go a little more smoothly.
We start at 8:30 and are finished around 2:30. I think the ABeka curriculum expects a lot out of their students, which I think is why I feel overwhelmed with all they are requiring us to complete. For instance, Jenny is in K5, she is learning cursive writing this year. She never had manuscript, so I am teaching her both. We have only been at it a week, so maybe I am too quick to feel like I am not cut out for this??

They each have their own DVD player and headphones.

Amber was excited to have art class one of the first days

Jenny's K5 is made for only a half day, so I spend the afternoon working on her writing. She does not want to quit when the day is over.

Treyton has become a bit of a handful. I think he is naughty so he gets attention. But he is still a sweetie who is going through a growth spurt and is all boy!!

Friday night David surprised us by taking us out for supper and then going miniature golfing. It was the girls first time and they loved it!

After they got the idea of how to do it anyway. Rissa was quite upset at herself in the beginning that she "Can't do it''!! Her missed nap that day did not help matters!

Treyton was our little ball robber

Whatever works!