Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Amber and More

 Summer has been busy and has gone by way too fast! The garden is about gone, and the coming year school books on the shelf waiting to be used.
Last week found me laid up for a couple days, when I did not have time to be. I needed a root canal done, and I had to wait about a week till the dentist could finally fit me in last week. /: The procedure itself wasn't too bad, but the next day found me on the recliner armed with a bottle of pain pills and a puke bucket. Four days later I finally started feeling back to pretty much normal and having the desperate need to get caught up on my work!
               We are planning an extended PA trip and are leaving July 18th. We are all looking forward to the trip. During that time David and I are taking a 10 day trip to Arizona to celebrate 10 years of marriage. We are quite anxious about that much needed time away! But all good things come to an end, and when we get back, school will get into full swing!
I can't forget to mention that we are to have closing on the land we have been 'patiently' waiting for by the end of July, hopefully before we leave for PA!
Amber celebrated birthday #9 on July 4th. She was so excited to have a party with her friends!

Gift time is always fun!

I think the pinata is a favorite for all the kids!

We had a few fun relay games

Amber got some gifts in the mail from far away relatives. She got 2 gift cards this year and that made her feel like shes "getting more grown up"! (:
Its a good thing Amber doesn't mind sharing her new gifts, legos are a much sought after toy here.

We got Amber a new Bible...

and the much hoped for roller blades.

And a birthday is never complete without a date with Daddy!

I also had a recent birthday. I thought David went all out for me this year. He planned a surprise double date with our good friends. we went out for supper, then we went mini-golfing. He got me the Victorio Food Strainer I have had my eyes on. And a new camera.
The kiddos were about as excited about my birthday as they are their own!

David got camera happy so I decided to fill up space with the pictures...

July 4th. Wasn't all fun and games. With all the rain we've been having we actually have grass to rake after mowing!

Impatiently waiting for the fireworks to start!

Along with Summer comes the fun library Summer programs. This guy had all kinds of creepy crawlies the kiddos were fascinated with!