Wednesday, March 5, 2014

When the Lights Went Out and Visitors

It has been an interesting last couple weeks! When I heard "ice storm" I figured 'just another Southern over-reaction to winter weather'. But alas, this time I was very wrong! The ice started coming Tuesday night as predicted, and it was at that point I knew we were doomed! I got up at 4 am on Wednesday to do some quick baking, hoping to beat the power going out. Till Wednesday morn the ice was thick. Every time the lights would blink off, we'd hold our breath to see if this would be the time they didn't come back on. At 2 pm Wednesday they did go off,  for exactly 6 loong days! The first night we had no heat and it was cold! Our pastor had an extra kerosene heater that they lent us, so that helped the rest of the time! Friday night we went to some friends who had power again to shower, my that was a good feeling!! Saturday night some other friends who got power restored, gave us their generator to use. That helped a lot cause we could then use some lights and had running water which meant showers and fresh water! I learned why I was not born in the pioneer days, I'm NOT cut out for that type of roughing it! I never realized how much I took for granted flipping on a light switch, having heat, being able to cook when I want, take a shower or even flush a toilet! I'm sure I will still complain at how much the electric bill is each month, but probably not for a long time!

Compared to some people, we did not have much clean-up work after the storm.

These birds were trying to find shelter on top of the wind chimes. There had been 3 on top

Heating up lunch

My bird feeders were very busy during the ice

Our 'refrigerator'
We had filled our tub with water to flush the toilets. We then collected spouting water to refill the tub

This past weekend my brother Parke and his family came for a quick visit. We all had a good visit, especially the kiddos!

They had rented a nice mustang to come in. We all enjoyed taking a turn getting a ride!

Treyton especially loved the car! He keeps saying when he gets big he wants a fast car like that!

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